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Quality Service Starts with Transparency

You’ve heard that knowledge is power. We arm you with more information about your service than any other provider.
  • Uptime

    We offer real-time network traffic and uptime data streamed live to OT.singlehop.com. This section will be constantly updated so you always know the status of our network.

  • Service Quality

    You will always know how long you’ll wait on hold or for a response to your ticket before calling or sending your message. Your calls will never be outsourced to a third party.

  • Bill of Rights SLA

    We offer the industry’s most comprehensive Service Level Agreement. We give you, not only credits for downtime, but also complete transparency when something happens.

Key Benefits

  • Pricing

    There are no obscure bundled pricing packages. All services and costs are always itemized.

  • Products

    You will always know exactly what components are in your server, who made them, and when it was put into service.

  • Data Centers

    You will always know exactly where your servers or cloud instances are located.

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