LEAP Infrastructure Control Panel

Take control of your infrastructure from anywhere, at any time.

LEAP is SingleHop’s proprietary data center and infrastructure automation platform, enabling you to easily create, modify and manage all of your infrastructure, as well as manage your SingleHop account from any device. See for yourself by clicking through the product tour.


The LEAP Dashboard gives you a quick overview of your entire account. From here, you can see all of your recent activity, including recent bills, recent tickets and pending components.

Solutions Center

In the Solutions Center, see the status of your active components, manage your components, add more components to your solution and check on any components in queue for deployment. The Solutions Center also provides you with the blueprints of your entire infrastructure.

Component Management

In Component Management, view the details of your individual components from IP addresses, hardware specs and inventory items. You can also check your component’s bandwidth usage and utilize the auto-scaling option in order to set rules for potential traffic spikes.

Support Center

In the Support Center, submit new tickets if you have any issues or questions regarding your infrastructure. You can also read responses to tickets from our Service First support team. This section archives all automated notifications, as well.

Bill of Rights Report Card

Our Bill of Rights Report Card indicates whether we’re hitting our promised goals or not. You can access this at any time. Plus, if service doesn’t meet an SLA point, you can claim an account credit with a single click.

Your Very Own Remote Data Center

More Control + More Remote Controls

LEAP offers total control at your fingertips. Need a server? Spin one up. Need to access your Private Cloud or Veeam Cloud Backups? You’re only a click or swipe away. Need help? Contact your dedicated Service First support team 24/7/365.

Build Our Automation into Your Application

LEAP’s DropZone offers a wide-range of developer-friendly functionality. Fully integrate your applications with the infrastructure platform and enhance your ability to scale and manage growth down the line.

All your infrastructure. On one screen.

The choice is yours — deploy bare metal, virtual private clouds, virtual servers and manage them in LEAP. Easy to provision, configure and scale.

8 Ways LEAP Keeps You in Control

All Features

  • Identify Location within Data Center Facility
  • Manage Hardware Configuration
  • Virtualization Ready
  • View and Manage Exact Storage Configuration
  • Manage Both Virtual and Physical Servers
  • Manage Dynamic Servers with Native Virtualization
  • Manage Software Licenses and Installed Software
  • Manage Server Images
  • Rescue Boot / “Safe Mode” Boot Server
  • Configure Backups (Remote or Local)
  • Update and Manage Root Password
  • Reinstall Software
  • Install New Operating System
  • Manage Virtual Machines
  • Assist in PCI Scanning
  • Software Vulnerability Assessments
  • Configure Security Monitoring
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Account Management
  • Event Logging & Change Control
  • Manage Hostname
  • Manage Private Network Access
  • Manage Forward & Reverse DNS
  • Manage Network Uplink Speed
  • Manage and Monitor Bandwidth Consumption
  • Manage Public IP Address
  • Manage Private IP address
  • Dynamic Firewall Deployment and Management Reinstall Software
  • Organize Components by Function
  • Native Hybrid Platform
  • Native Interoperability Between Components
  • Interact with Tech Support via Ticket
  • View Ticket Status
  • View Ticket Status
  • Bill of Rights SLA Automation
  • View Dedicated Account Team
  • Event Logging & Change Control
  • Full Account Management Functionality
  • User Access Controls
  • Invoices, Billing & Payments
  • Integrated Affiliate Management Functionality
  • Integrated Referral Tracking
  • Dynamic Firewall Deployment and Management
  • Integrated White Label Interface Management
  • Assign Components to Users
  • Integrated Real-Time Inventory Stream
  • Wide-Range of Training Videos
  • Customize Interface and Company Information
  • Integrated Support Queue System
  • Integrate with WHMCS
  • Integrate with Ubersmith DE/Ubersmith Basic
  • Custom Integration via API

LEAP Video Tour

Learn about LEAP in this one minute overview.

An Introduction to LEAP

Login to LEAP to take control of your infrastructure. Instantly deploy servers. Configure network settings. Work with support. Leverage our API for advanced control. Access your private cloud dashboard. Control your cloud backups. With hundreds of fully automated features, there’s little you can’t get done. Best of all, it’s easy to get started. See for yourself in these video tours.

LEAP Notification Area
LEAP Component Manager
LEAP VM Snapshots

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