Platforms & Tools

Making cloud management easier via powerful platforms, automation tools and transparent communication.

Introducing Software Defined Managed Cloud™

We believe a partner that doesn’t empower its customers to excel isn’t a partner at all. Our mission is to give you the tools, insights and resources to not just do your job well but drive your career and business forward. We have built the most powerful monitoring and management platforms in the industry today. In addition, we have the resources and expertise to help you get the job done right (and quickly).

The Power is in the Platform

AI: A New Way to Manage Cloud

We are brimming with anticipation for the general release of AI. Currently in beta testing, AI’s automated intelligence platform might just achieve the impossible: Create real work-life balance in an IT career by shredding the time required to manage, monitor and update servers and operating systems.

LEAP Control Panel

With buzz words like innovative and intuitive thrown around with reckless abandon, it is refreshing to find the real thing. SingleHop’s infrastructure control panel, LEAP, is like having your very own remotely controlled data center at your fingertips. Spin up, spin down, get alerts, contact support, view real-time usage. Don’t believe us? Check out the product tour below.

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Network Status & Service Status

Whether you are a big or small customer, or not a customer at all, our network and service status site — — lets you see the current performance of all SingleHop services, including a log of all data center, network and service events. Check it out now or follow @OT_SingleHop on Twitter for real-time incident updates.

SLA Report Card

When you are a SingleHop customer, you can watch us do all the work and then keep watching as we grade ourselves. Our industry leading SLA points wouldn’t be worth the screen they are written on if we didn’t show how closely we adhere to them. So we let you see what we see — network performance metrics and service response times — via a real-time report card located within LEAP.