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Security Products and Services

Our staff are certified in a variety of security services. We offer RealExpert™ security audits, spam filtering, virus scanning, attack mitigation, and more. We also offer a variety of third-party services to help you achieve compliance.

SingleHop Named to the 2015 Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting Magic Quadrant

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Shield Security Packages

Every server we deploy is secured by Shield from the get-go. Shield features include fundamental physical, network, account, server, and application security options. You can add advanced security features to your devices, such as DDoS mitigation and anti-virus protection, by upgrading to Shield Plus. Learn more about Shield.

Shield Security Packages Pricing
Shield Core Security Free
ShieldPlus™ Advanced Security $30.00 per month per server

Anti-Virus Security

McAfee Anti-Virus is an installed and managed server side anti-virus software suite, which includes regular fingerprint updates. This anti-virus software is provided by ESET Corp.

Anti-Virus Security Pricing
Spam Filtering $39.95 per year per domain name
Inbound E-mail Anti-Virus $5.00 per month
Dedicated MailFoundry Device Contact Sales

SSL Certificates

Our customers get the benefit of unlimited GlobalSign SSL Certificates for free. GeoTrust certificates are available upon request.

SSL Certificates Pricing
GlobalSign Alpha SSL Free (1 to 5 year registration)
GlobalSign Domain SSL Free (1 to 5 year registration)
GlobalSign Alpha SSL Wild Card Free (1 to 5 year registration)
GlobalSign Domain SSL Wild Card Free (1 to 5 year registration)
GlobalSign Extended Validation – 1 Year $299 per year
GeoTrust Extended Validation – 2 Years $399 per 2 years

SSL VPN Access

SSL VPN Access Pricing
First SSL VPN User $0.00 per month
Additional SSL VPN User $5.00 per month

Attack Mitigation

Attack Mitigation Pricing
Intrusion Detection Contact Sales
DDoS Mitigation Contact Sales

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