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Network Services

Our 200 Gbps network is hardened and stable. We offer a variety of network services, such as additional IP addresses, bandwidth allocations, and additional ports. These services may be deployed for any cloud or dedicated platform we offer.

SingleHop Named to the 2015 Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting Magic Quadrant

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Additional IP Space

Additional IP Space Pricing
Additional 5 IPs $3.00 per month
Additional 13 IPs $7.50 per month
Additional 29 IPs $15.0 per month
Additional 61 IPs $30.0 per month

Bandwidth and Transit

Bandwidth and Transit Pricing
IPCast Content Delivery Network Bandwidth (per GB) $0.20 per gigabyte sold at actual usage
Additional Bandwidth Allocation – Pre-purchase Increase $0.0125 per gigabyte sold in 100 GB blocks
Additional Bandwidth Allocation – Overage Bandwidth overages will be charged based on a scale.
Contact sales for more information.

DPort Speed

Port Speed Pricing
Upgraded Connection to 1 GigE Switch Port $59.00 per month
Secondary Port Connection Contact Sales

Managed Dedicated Firewalls and Load Balancing

Firewalls and Load Balancing Pricing
Dedicated Cisco Firewalls Starting at $125 with multiple options. Contact sales for more information.
Dedicated F5 Load Balancers Starting at $125 with multiple options. Contact sales for more information.

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