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Advanced Monitoring Solutions

A strong monitoring strategy is extremely important to the long-term success of any IT enterprise. Often, for database-driven systems, a database error will not trigger a complete outage. The website will stay online, however it will display an error to users. This is just as bad as the website going down entirely, but may not be captured by simple monitoring. Thus, choosing and configuring the right monitoring solution is absolutely critical to your organization.

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Monitoring Services Overview Pricing
QuickReaction $30.00 per month
Automated Event Notification $10.00 per month
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We offer two primary advanced monitoring solutions: QuickReaction™ and Automated Event Notifications. QuickReaction™ monitoring places your server front and center into our 24/7 NOC staff. If at any time your server becomes unreachable, one of our on-site data center technicians will immediately address the situation. Automated Event Notification offers advanced monitoring and will alert you when services for the dedicated hosting server you specify are unreachable. Automatic Event Notification uses the same notification system as QuickReaction does, but is geared to do-it-yourself customers.

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