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Storage and Backup Services

Our robust selection of data storage products allows you to select the ideal backup storage level based on your security, reliability, and overall economical requirements. Our solutions enable you to automatically deploy our backup services through the LEAP platform onto any infrastructure product.

Fully Automated Backups

R1Soft is an enterprise-class high performance disk-to-disk server backup software for Linux servers and Windows servers. After completing an initial replica of your data on to our backup servers, R1Soft can complete incremental data backups in just minutes.

R1Soft Automated Backups Pricing
R1Soft Free
R1Soft Pay-As-You-Go Backup Space $1.50 per GB stored (based on usage)
R1Soft Self-Managed Solution Free Server License, $50 per R1Soft Agent License

FTP Self-Service Backups

FTP self-service backups are for do-it-yourself types. Storage is metered and capped with small allocation for overage. Backups must be manually configured by the customer. We do not configure backup routines for FTP backup customers.

FTP Self-Service Backups Pricing
Server Backups – 10 GB Space $10.00 per month
Backup Storage Overage $1.50 per gigabyte used billed on monthly peak basis

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