Public Cloud

Deploy scalable, redundant virtual machines.
Ready-to-use at a moment’s notice.

Virtual servers in SingleHop’s Public Cloud provide many of the same capabilities of dedicated servers, with greater elasticity and an hourly billing option. Unlike physical servers, you can resize and scale your public cloud instances up or down at any time. Public Cloud VMs also offer enhanced resilience against downtime and powerful security. For these reasons and many others, virtual servers are a favorite among developers.

Why SingleHop Public Cloud?

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1 GB @ $0.0150/hr

CPU Cores

1 Vcores @ $0.0400/hr
Operating System

Please Note: We strongly recommend at least 2GB of RAM and 50GB Storage on Windows OS’s

Cloud Storage
Bandwidth Allocation

Important: SingleHop uses RAID-protected disks, but does not provide any data backups. We offer a very affordable option featuring R1Soft for $1.50/GB – You can select this in the Management dropdown above.

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