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Dedicated Server Use Cases

Dedicated servers offer a cost-effective way to use massive amounts of computing cycles, and thus are especially useful as workhorse components for running databases or other high intensity applications. Below are some ways that organizations are using our bare metal servers today.

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  • Rendering and Transcoding

    Converting video and audio from one format to another and full out rendering of video from software can be very taxing in terms of processing power and memory requirements. Thus, these tasks are uniquely suited for being done on single-tenant dedicated hardware.

    Back Office Applications

    Cloud-sourced ERPs, CRMs, BI packages and others come with a wide range of benefits over the more traditional approaches. For example, ERPs operating in an enterprise cloud solution offer a fast standardized means of deploying. Cloud-based BI systems offer lower IT costs, anywhere availability, and increased collaboration and report syncing not found in traditional approaches.

    High Transaction E-Commerce

    Only dedicated servers offer the highly stable, yet very flexible, and powerful platform that e-commerce and online retail websites require. When downtime is absolutely not an option, you can’t trust any old public cloud — deploy your mission critical shopping destination on its own dedicated servers and save yourself the worry of downtime at the worst time: any time.

  • Gaming and Game Serving

    Build your massive multi-player worlds on 100% dedicated bare metal servers to offer consistent performance at a consistent cost per processing cycle without compromising anything.

    Shared Web Hosting

    Couple the raw horsepower of dedicated servers with a control panel such as cPanel/WHM or PLESK and you have a powerful, ready-to-go platform for hosting websites. This is the formula most often employed by most large providers.

    Software-as-a-Service Hosting

    Dedicated servers assist SaaS firms when it comes to intense resource workloads, such as pushing out patches or handling large periods of growth.

    High Performance

    Your business requires top notch performance, stability, control, flexibility, agility, and dependability. Not just one or two, but all of the above. Only bare metal offers all of these qualities without compromise.

  • Compliance Solutions

    Dedicated servers are the most commonly used building block for compliance-focused environments for PCI, SOX, or HIPAA organizations. Ensure your business is protected, while also meeting all your business requirements to give you and your customers peace of mind.

    Big Data and Large Databases

    No infrastructure type is better suited for crunching large amounts of complex, relational data than the raw horsepower of dedicated servers. Additionally, dedicated servers offer superior economics for big data applications because they allow you to maximize their compute and memory capabilities without paying extra. This fixed model enables big data to truly shine without limitations.

    One of the most common and traditional use cases for bare metal servers are for hosting relational and non-relational databases. Whether you are using Microsoft SQL, MySQL, or MongoDB, bare metal most likely offers the ideal combination of raw horsepower and compute power that you need.

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