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Custom Build Dedicated Servers

Custom building a dedicated server is a lot easier than you think:

  • Step 1

    Talk and Evaluate

    Understand your problems & challenges be they a single server or multiple.

  • Step 2

    Design and Propose

    Our engineers pull out their white boards and get to work.

  • Step 3

    Build and Deploy

    We custom build, test and deploy your servers while you wait.

Hardware Choices

Chassis vendors:
SuperMicro chassis are designed to provide a wide-variety of high-end features. These design advantages have helped SuperMicro rapidly establish its reputation as a leader in chassis design.
Processor vendors:
Intel is a household name in computer products and brought critical attention to the processor. Intel processors deliver record breaking performance and scalability.
Hard drive vendors:
Seagate has more than 30 years of enterprise level storage experience. We offer Seagate’s SATA drives.
Western Digital provides quality hardware at affordable pricing points. We offer Western Digital SATA and SCSI drives.
We use Intel’s enterprise-grade SSD hard drives for our solid state drives of choice. Intel is a recognized name in quality hardware components and their hard drives live up to that well-deserved reputation.
Memory vendors:
Kingston has grown to be the world’s largest independent manufacturer of memory products. Kingston’s products are of such quality that they are backed by a lifetime warranty.
Network vendors:
When it comes to network equipment, Cisco is the recognized leader. We use Cisco network gear throughout our public network.
Juniper Networks offers high-grade, performance oriented networking components. We use Juniper Networks equipment to power our private network.
A long time name in the server and personal computing space Dell also provides quality networking gear. We use Dell rack switches in our network.
RAID vendors:
3ware’s RAID controllers are built for the most demanding enterprise level applications. These RAID controllers bring surprising performance and efficiency to the data center.
Adaptec carries a host of RAID adapters that address the need for connectivity, performance, and cost competitiveness.
Firewall vendors:
Cisco builds a complete family of firewalls from smaller more efficient models to high-speed, high connectivity varieties that not only provide quality security, but also give you maximum bandwidth for even the most demanding applications.
Load balancing vendors:
Kemp Technologies wrote the book on price to performance load balancers completely changing the game with load balancers that outperform far more costly products.
Brocade Server Iron load balancers provide an intelligent application delivery and traffic management solution.

SingleHop will automatically keep your server’s operating system up to date using reboot-less kernel updates on Linux machines and Windows Update on Windows machines.

SingleHop understands that backing up your data is a high priority and we provide several ways to ensure your data is backed up and ready to go when you need.

SingleHop can automate your security patching keeping your solutions up-to-date and protected without rebooting and regardless of OS you choose.

SingleHop’s network services are built to ensure your continued growth as well as giving you peace of mind.

Choose either Automated Event Notifications for a do-it-yourself approach or choose QuickReaction were SingleHop monitors and reacts to problems on your behalf.

SingleHop offers 24/7 on-call and on-demand system administration and ‘remote hands’ services. These include a wide range of troubleshooting, upgrading, and installation services on supported server-side software.