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SingleHop: Managed Server Hosting Solutions & Services

SingleHop is an industry-leading provider of hosted private cloud & on-demand servers. Let our experts deploy & manage your cloud environments.

Best Hosting Companies in 2017 - SingleHop IaaS

SingleHop is a leading provider of Hosted Private Clouds, Managed Hosting, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service for businesses and enterprises around the world.

Location and Contact Information

Address. SingleHop, LLC; 125 S. Clark 19th Floor; Chicago, IL 60603. Mailing Address. SingleHop, LLC; PO Box 415; 230 S. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60604. Hours. Network Ops, DCs, Support. Available 24/7/365. Abuse and Complaints. M-F: 7AM to 7PM CST E-mail us: abuse [at] Sales and Billing. M-F: 7AM ...

SingleHop Blog, Industry Insights on Managed Hosting

Stay up to date on hosting and cloud insights from the fastest growing managed hosting company, SingleHop.

Dedicated Server Hosting & Solutions, Bare Metal Servers

SingleHop's network reachability is well above average, and their reliability between data centers is the best we've experienced. That's a huge benefit for SaaS providers, who need to be 'always on.' ” Paul Kreiner, Infrastructure Engineer at TSheets. read the story ...

Managed Hosting Services - SingleHop

Get industry leading managed hosting with a first-of-its-kind multicloud management platform backed by the best cloud support at an affordable price.

Veeam Cloud Connect, Managed Cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Try it 30 Days for Free. Off-site cloud backups are critical. In just minutes, you could be backing up to the cloud with our free trial up to 5TBs — no credit card required. SingleHop leverages your existing Veeam console to keep your data safe and secure. What are you waiting for?

Virtual Private Cloud Hosting Solutions (VPC)

SingleHop's VMware-powered Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is an enterprise-class, highly secure and logically isolated computing environment that's easily deployed and managed through SingleHop's proprietary LEAP infrastructure portal. VPC resources are not only scalable, but entirely reserved to you and offered at a ...

Managed Dedicated Private Cloud Hosting Solutions (DPC)

SingleHop's Dedicated Private Cloud (DPC) is a fully isolated, secure VMware or Microsoft (Hyper-V) cloud environment custom architected from single-tenant hardware nodes. Available at a fixed cost optimized for resource requirements and designed to scale, DPCs are high-performance, hyper-secure environments that ...

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SingleHop has taken the work out of selling cloud. We do all the heaving lifting so you can focus on your core business.

INAP acquires SingleHop, strengthening capabilities and reach of both organizations. Learn more here.