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SingleHop’s VMware-powered Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is an enterprise-class, highly secure and logically isolated computing environment that’s easily deployed and managed through SingleHop’s proprietary LEAP infrastructure portal. VPC resources are not only scalable, but entirely reserved to you and offered at a fixed rate optimized to your needs. Say goodbye to noisy neighbors and hello to predictable costs.

How Your Virtual Private Cloud Works

Edge Gateway

VMware NSX Technology™ that provides perimeter protection for your isolated network and provide network services such as DHCP, firewall, NAT, static routing, VPN, and load balancing.

Virtual Private Clouds

SingleHop’s VMware-powered Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is an enterprise-class, secure, logically isolated computing environment that can be easily deployed and managed through SingleHop’s award-winning LEAP cloud management portal.

Simplify Deploying Enterprise Applications with vApps

Using VMware’s vCloud, group your VM’s into virtual appliances for logical segregation or by similar function. Create and restore templates to rapidly deploy your infrastructure. similar functions.

SingleHop Global Cloud Platform

By leveraging our global public cloud infrastructure your ability to expand is near limitless.

Off-site Cloud Backups and Stand-by DRaaS

Off-site cloud backups provide the highest level of data protection and redundancy and can also be far more affordable than on-premise backups. Stand-by DRaaS is an entry-level pay-as-you-go solution.

Why SingleHop Managed, Virtual Private Clouds?

VPCs are not only easy to control and the perfect home for production workloads, they offer a more holistic approach to buying individual VMs in the public cloud.

Dedicated Resources

Looking for a balance between public cloud performance and private cloud security? SingleHop’s virtual private cloud offers an enterprise-class, logically isolated computing environment with VPC resources 100 percent dedicated to your needs. This makes it easy to quickly scale up your corporate network without breaking the bank or exposing your data to security risk — all processes behave as if they exist in a fully segmented deployment.

LEAP Management

With our LEAP management platform, it’s easy to keep track of all VMware Virtual Private Clouds and resource allocations. Our award-winning LEAP portal lets you quickly access the most common VMware management functions — such as resource views or scaling tools — without the in-depth training required to master the underlying VMware cloud platform. Better still, you can access LEAP anywhere, anytime via the mobile application to provision, modify or delete VPC infrastructure.

vCloud Access

You also get total access to vCloud itself, letting you easily provision vApps and VMs, create or restore templates, or deploy standard templates across your entire cloud environment. This provides granular logging and audit control in addition to robust performance management, letting you customize your VPC to match changing corporate needs. It also provides the ability to dig as deep as you want — opt for LEAP if you need quick changes or dive into vCloud for total control.

The Rightsizing Approach

What are your performance goals? How many cloud-based apps are you using and what kind of workloads will live in your cloud? With some providers, you’re compelled to accept “one size” clouds with too many features and too high a price — or more cost-effective options that don’t have the control and scalability you need. With SingleHop’s “rightsizing” approach, you get the cloud you need — and can afford — to maximize ROI.

Unlimited VMs

What’s the real cost of overprovisioning VMs? With our VPC deployments, the answer is nothing. Zero. Nada. That’s because you’re able to create an unlimited amount of VMs at no extra charge — you pay a flat fee each month for VPC resources and access, making this an ideal environment for steady-state workloads spread across multiple VMs. Need more resources? Scale up as required.

Fast, Error-Free Deployment

At SingleHop, we’re committed to fast, error-free deployment of VPC services. We achieve this goal by first getting to know your needs: What are you moving to the cloud, what does your current infrastructure look like, and what are some potential pitfalls? Then, we design a deployment plan that helps quickly migrate existing services and gets you up and running as soon as possible.

IPSec VPN Access

What good is a Virtual Private Cloud if you can’t securely connect local networks and ensure your data is protected? That’s why all SingleHop VPCs come with built-in IPSec virtual private networking (VPN), allowing you to easily connect corporate networks via a secure “tunnel” that keeps all transmitted data safe from prying eyes.

Business Continuity

Fully integrated with our Veeam Cloud Backup solution, your VPC is prepared to handle any business continuity challenge. Create backup schedules and groups within the LEAP platform to ensure your critical data is always accessible wherever and whenever you need it.

Advanced Security Solutions

In addition to native VPN access, your VPC also comes with advanced security features to ensure that data and services stay protected. Our Shield Plus security architecture leverages a combination of physical, account, network, server and application security to ensure your environment is always protected.

Flexible Managed Services

Not every company has the same level of IT expertise. That’s why SingleHop offers flexible managed services — if you have a team of dedicated IT pros on staff, we can deploy your VPC and leave the rest in your hands. If you prefer to leverage our in-house experts, we’re ready to handle any aspect of cloud management — from security to automation to application monitoring.

Bill of Rights SLA

Our Bill of Rights SLA sets us apart from other cloud providers by providing measurable, granular goals for cloud services. The SingleHop SLA is based on four key pillars: Quality, availability, transparency and automation. The result? You get comprehensive guarantees, 100-percent network uptime, real-time monitoring via LEAP, and accountability via monitoring and automation.

Free, 24/7 Support

Need help with your virtual private cloud? Our experts are ready to assist. Service First is our promise to you. More than a slogan, it’s our mindset — team leaders monitor and grade engineer’s responses to drive continual improvement. Your US-based, dedicated team is available 24/7/365.

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