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In this free eBook: What is hosted private cloud, when to use it, and its four major economic benefits.

Hosted private clouds are an increasingly popular alternative to on-premise data centers and other infrastructure as a service (IaaS) options like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Beyond offering highly secure, dedicated custom architecture and complete environmental control, the private cloud hosting model yields significant economic advantages.

In Singlehop’s 4 Economic Beneifits of Private Cloud eBook, you’ll learn exactly how (and for what applications and workloads) private cloud hosting can be the savior your IT budget needs.

The economic and operational benefits span the following key areas:

  • Solution Design (Benefit 1) – Hosted private clouds allow resources to be rightsized, minimizing waste and solving a 1:1 app to instance problem often found in public cloud deployments.
  • Solution Agility (Benefit 2) – A predictable, month-to-month payment model allows for a just-in-time approach to your cloud deployments, offering flexibility for special projects or scalability for planned growth.
  • Solution Management (Benefits 3 & 4) – Economies of scale offer organizations broad  access to services (security, disaster recovery, and network services) that may be too costly otherwise. Additionally, managed services allow IT teams to focus on tasks and projects that move the business forward as opposed to simply “keeping the lights on.”

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