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Dedicated Private Cloud Tour

When you deploy a dedicated private cloud, you get the added benefit of full server control from LEAP and VMware’s vSphere and vCenter. These VMware services provide users with the ability to monitor and review their private cloud servers from one, centralized platform.

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LEAP Client Portal

Whether it be from your computer, iPad, or mobile device, you can manage your servers using our extremely powerful LEAP interface. This interface offers a complete degree of control over not only your infrastructure, but also your SingleHop account. We give you the power to manage your infrastructure from anywhere, any time.

Microsoft’s Hyper-V Manager

Through the Hyper-V Manager, you can create VMs without any additional software. This control panel allows you to configure CPUs, RAM, hard disks, networking, and more. You can also turn your VMs on, off, pause them, suspend them, and monitor the health of your VMs in real time.

vSphere Dashboard

You can use the vSphere dashboard to review and assess the status of your infrastructure that supports vCenter, so that you can monitor your environment. Use the vSphere infrastructure dashboard to quickly identify problem components within the vSphere object hierarchy.

vCenter Summary

vCenter provides centralized visibility, automation, proactive management, and extensibility for VMware vSphere, all from one console. It is the scalable and extensible management server and it provides deep visibility and control into your vSphere environments.

vCenter Monitoring

vCenter provides several tools to help you monitor your infrastructure and to locate the source of potential issues and current problems. You can access performance data, check on storage resources, configure alerts and alarms, and quickly identify objects that may be experiencing issues.

Add a Cluster

A cluster is a collection of associated virtual machines and hosts that work together as a unit. When you add a host to a cluster, the host’s resources become part of the cluster’s resources. The cluster manages the resources of all hosts. You can add clusters through VMware’s vCenter application. Clustering your VMs for vCenter can make a huge difference in the availability of the service.

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