Dedicated Private Cloud

It’s not The Cloud. It’s Your Cloud — a custom-built,
high-performance engine for production applications.

SingleHop’s Dedicated Private Cloud (DPC) is a fully isolated, secure VMware or Microsoft (Hyper-V) cloud environment custom architected from single-tenant hardware nodes. Available at a fixed cost optimized for resource requirements and designed to scale, DPCs are high-performance, hyper-secure environments that lead to significant savings compared to solutions from major public cloud providers.

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How Your Dedicated Private Cloud Works

Dedicated Network

Out-of-band private network offers remote access to your servers for offline administration and management.

Dedicated Private Cloud

DPC serves up an isolated, secured environment while maintaining public cloud economic sensibilities. Hardware 100% dedicated to you.

Business Continuity Services Off-site Cloud Backups, Active DRaaS

Off-site cloud backups provide the highest level of data protection and redundancy and can also be far more affordable than on-premise backups. Active DRaaS delivers recovery objectives (RPO and RTO) in minutes.

Why a SingleHop Managed, Dedicated Private Cloud?

Because you won’t find a hosted cloud solution that offers this mix of scalability, reliability and security while simultaneously giving your team the autonomy to take control. It’s truly your cloud.

Dedicated Resources & Hardware

Take control of the cloud with your own Dedicated Private Cloud instance built on top-tier hardware. You get a fully isolated VMware or Microsoft (Hyper-V) environment built from single-tenant hardware nodes to provide maximum performance and control. Better still, our dedicated private clouds function like public clouds to provide the scaling and flexibility you’ve come to expect.

Granular Resource Controls

With SingleHop you get full control of environment resources, meaning you can allocate processor and memory use to VMs, establish proportional resource sharing rules, modify allocations while VMs are running — or enable applications to dynamically acquire more resources. This is your cloud — make it work for you.

Top-Tier Technology Partners

Our dedicated cloud platform is built from the ground up using enterprise-grade solutions such as those from F5, Cisco, Arbor networks, Radware, Microsoft and VMware. Not only do you benefit from the reduced cost of leveraging these services off-site, you also get to enjoy all the advantages of top-tier technology partners including regular updates, robust security and enhanced stability.

The Rightsizing Approach

At SingleHop, we’re committed to “rightsizing” — finding the ideal combination of Dedicated Private Cloud resources to meet your needs. Rather than overspending on compute resources you don’t need or underspending to address budget issues, our solutions engineers help you design an environment built specifically for your application’s resource requirements. Find your best fit with SingleHop by rightsizing your private cloud deployment.

Unlimited VMs/Fixed Cost

To maximize performance and limit your total cost, we developed the unlimited/fixed model: While the number of VMs you can deploy across your dedicated private cloud is unlimited, your total monthly cost is fixed. As a result, it becomes cost-effective to deploy large numbers of steady-state workloads across the DPC. You pay the same each month, while your applications have the resources they need and are secure within an isolated environment.

Custom Architecture & BYOC

We don’t deliver one-size-fits-all private clouds. Instead, we start by assessing your current infrastructure configuration and cloud needs conducted by a dedicated technical account manager. Current assessments and future goals are then used to determine the optimal compute environment, which is purpose-built from the ground up. Have hardware that already works for you? Use our Bring Your Own Compute option: Ship us your qualified server hardware, and we’ll incorporate it into your new private cloud.

Compliance-Ready Cloud Solution

Leveraging our 100-percent isolated, single-tenant DPCs puts you in the ideal position to meet compliance requirements, since your data is already outside the public cloud environment. If your company handles health data, processes payment cards or analyzes this type of information for other agencies, SingleHop’s dedicated private clouds supply the groundwork you need to meet PCI DSS, HIPAA or other compliance requirements.

Business Continuity Integration

You can’t afford to have cloud services fail. Regular, off-site backups are necessary to ensure data security and robust disaster recovery services are insurance against the unthinkable, allowing for seamless failover in a redundant environment. Explore all SingleHop’s security and recovery solutions and achieve peace of mind.

Advanced Security with Shield Plus

Securing cloud services is critical to ensure data isn’t compromised and applications are always available. Choosing SingleHop’s dedicated cloud platform gives you access to our Shield Plus security, which offers software firewall and endpoint protection, fully automated DDoS mitigation, isolated security zones and multi-factor authentication to provide total cloud coverage.

White-Glove Onboarding

At SingleHop, it’s not enough to simply supply cloud services — we pride ourselves on white-glove onboarding to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible. At every step of the process, we’ll supply the knowledge and resources you need to quickly integrate private cloud services, shift legacy applications and maximize the performance and utility of your new deployment.

Flexible Managed Services

What do you want to manage? What isn’t in your wheelhouse? With our dedicated private cloud, you decide exactly what your managed services plan should look like. Want us to handle deployment and then let you take it from there? Absolutely. Prefer managed security? We have you covered. Looking to leave management in our hands while you maximize cloud performance? We can do that. Whatever works for you, works for us.

Free, 24/7 Service First Support

Problems happen. When they do, we’re ready with 24/7 Service First support. This means highly trained staff ready to assist whenever, wherever — if we’re not familiar with a system or issue, we’ll research and get back to you ASAP. Backed by our award-winning SLA and transparent network and service status site, you can have confidence that our DPC support matches our cloud promises.