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Private Cloud Hosting

Reap the benefits of scalability and unlimited VMs.
Deployed by the Private Cloud Experts.


Private Cloud Hosting Overview

Private cloud hosting is a single-tenant computing environment hosted and managed by SingleHop. Each enterprise-class private cloud is powered by VMware and Hyper-V technology, and built on top of our award-winning automation platform. The result is a dramatically faster time-to-market and more agility than other private cloud options in the marketplace.

SingleHop Named to the 2015 Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting Magic Quadrant

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Dedicated Private Cloud

Every dedicated private cloud is custom built to meet your specific business objectives from entirely private resources.

  • 100% built from dedicated, single-tenant hardware nodes.
  • Custom-designed and purpose-built, we work with you to deploy.
  • Unlimited virtual machines; no additional cost per VM.
  • Scale resources up by adding nodes.
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Virtual Private Cloud

Control every resource of your virtual private cloud with incredible granularity. Deploy unlimited VMs and scale infinitely.

  • Logical division of SingleHop’s global cloud environment.
  • Deploy in real time; granular resource allocations.
  • Unlimited virtual machines; no additional cost per VM.
  • Scale resources up by adjusting settings.
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Bring Your Own Compute Nodes and Hardware

  • Custom-built dedicated private cloud, built using your existing server hardware
  • Extend lifetime of existing hardware investments
  • Reduce transition-related risk in your cloud migration
  • Numerous ways to re-purpose existing server hardware
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Faster Time to Market

Deploying a dedicated or virtual private cloud will empower your IT team to do more and perform better. Spend less time manually configuring routing tables and servers and more time on helping you grow your business.

Stay Completely in Control

The ability of your compute layer to handle urgent needs is the definition of business agility. With SingleHop’s LEAP, VMware’s vSphere vCenter, and Microsoft’s Hyper-V Manager, you can allocate storage, memory, and compute resources, deploy a new VM in seconds, change the rules for a firewall, and more. You have the control over your system.

Enjoy Disruptive Economics

Enterprises need predictability in pricing. That’s why the various mega-cloud solutions out there are often a poor choice for a large organization; the costs are variable and depend entirely on usage. With our private cloud options, your bill will never be a surprise.

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