Increasing Density of Shared Servers and Improving Stability

Princeton, NJ, April 28, 2010 – CloudLinux Inc., an innovative softwarecompany dedicated to serving the needs of hosting service providers,announces today that SingleHop, a leading dedicated server and managedweb-hosting provider, has begun to offer CloudLinux as one of itsstandard Linux Operating Systems, and as part of its new Cascade hostingsystem. SingleHop selected CloudLinux for a number of reasons includingthe Lightweight Virtual Environment™ (LVE) technology that increasesdensity and stability when used in a dedicated server environments.

Cascade is SingleHop's entry into cloud hosting services and products,and CloudLinux is the very first offering that the company is selling inthe Cascade line-up. According to SingleHop, the current integration ofcloud computing and dedicated hosting is a nascent, cumbersome, andgenerally expensive technology- all reasons that permeate the lowadoption rates from dedicated server users. CloudLinux on the otherhand, offers an excellent balance by relying on proven dedicated servertechnologies and implementing cloud functionalities through LVEtechnology which isolates and intelligently manages server resources.

“CloudLinux is another innovative way for us to empower our customers tohave total server control,” states Zak Boca, SingleHop President andCEO. “We are committed to finding better ways to manage small businessweb hosting services and solutions for our clients, and the resourcecontrols that CloudLinux provides our customers is exactly in line withour philosophy.” The core technology behind CloudLinux OS is itsLightweight Virtual Environment™ a kernel-level technology that limitsthe amount of resources (CPU, I/O, memory) available to a group ofprocesses. With LVE, administrators now have the tools to control theCPU and IO demands of individual tenants, so that a single site cannotslow or take down a whole server. “SingleHop is highly focused onproviding reliable and cost-effective services, and we are proud thatCloudLinux OS will help them deliver on those commitments,” states IgorSeletskiy, CEO and Founder of CloudLinux. “Our proprietary LVEtechnology will enable full control and added reliability across theirrobust server offering.” CloudLinux OS will provide additional benefitsto SingleHop customers including:

• Innovative lightweight andtransparent LVE technology that increases server stability andperformance

• Decreased downtime

• Ability to allocate resources toindividual server tenants efficiently

• Increased control overtraditional OS

• Complete, 24/7 support

• Compatibility with the majorcontrol panel for easy management and deployment

About CloudLinux, Inc.

Founded in Princeton, NJ, CloudLinux is a privately-funded company thatcombines unique expertise in the service provider business with in-depthtechnical knowledge of hosting, kernel development and open source.CloudLinux provides hosting companies and datacenters with the onlycommercially supported Linux operating system (OS) optimized for theirneeds. The new technology behind CloudLinux has been proven to increasedensity, stability and performance, helping customers realize reducedoperating costs and increased profitability.

About SingleHop, Inc.

SingleHop, Inc., is a full-service managed dedicated hosting providerthat was founded on the principal of providing reliable, cost-effective,dedicated servers. The company was founded by Zak Boca and Dan Ushman in2006 and currently hosts thousands of websites from around the world.SingleHop competitors include: SoftLayer, ThePlanet, FastServers, andRackSpace. The cornerstone of SingleHop's managed hosting is theà la Carte Server Management Program, which is a full-array oftransparent management services designed and tested to allow businesscustomers to tailor their level of support to their needs or


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