SingleHop offers savings of at least $3336 per year or more for Load Balancing customers!

Chicago, IL, May 12, 2008: Chicago-based managed dedicated server provider, SingleHop Inc., today announced an aggressive offer to any customer who purchases two or more identical servers: free load balancing. The service typically costs $139 per month per server, resulting in a savings of at least $3336 per year or more, depending on the number of servers purchased. The offer is only valid through the month of May.

“Load balancing is critical for high traffic websites, web 2.0 sites or any website that requires increased efficiency and reliability. This is one of our most popular service offerings. Any high traffic site without load balancing is like a racing engine running on an old carburetor” says Drew Hulburt, Vice President of Sales for SingleHop. Load balancing is a technique that spreads work between two or more computers, network links, CPUs, hard drives, or other resources, in order to get optimal resource utilization, throughput, or response time.

The offer extends to new customers who buy two or more servers with identical or similar hardware configurations. Purchases can be made online or over the phone. The offer extends for the life of the account.

Founded in October 2006, SingleHop has marked an unprecedented rise in popularity against many other well established providers, some of whom have been in business for ten years or more. SingleHop reinvented industry policies by offering the fully transparent suite of a la Carte services. For the first time ever business customers are able to tailor their level of support to their needs and expertise, instead of being pigeonholed into fixed fee trouble ticket or vague tiered services support. In fact, SingleHop is setting a new industry standard equipping its new datacenter with servers that run 30% more efficiently than the traditional standard and are consequently sharing the resulting energy savings with their customers, offering a program rewarding new customers an immediate 10% discount.

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