SingleHop, Inc. to offer Lifetime Price Lock and $200 Cash Back for new customers who switch from another Dedicated Server or Managed Hosting Provider

Chicago, IL, June 5, 2008: In response to the controversy surrounding recent price hikes by several managed hosting providers, SingleHop, Inc. is extending an indefinite price-lock guarantee to any new customers who choose to switch during the month of June, 2008. SingleHop is also offering a $200 Cash Back incentive to any client who switches service from another provider.

“Given rising energy costs and the proliferation of inefficient server hardware that is commonly used in the industry, it’s not much of a surprise that prices have gone up and that some providers have passed the price increases along to their clients,” says Dan Ushman, co founder of SingleHop. “Our price lock is a hedge against future rising energy costs, which we can afford to do because of the investments that we've made in power-efficient servers. We don’t want our customers to pay for inefficiency in the data center,” he adds.

Single Hop’s offer is akin to providing consumer’s with a fixed price on gas at $2.00 a gallon – but only if they act immediately. “The bottom line is that no matter how efficient we make our servers, energy costs will continue to rise, but we have a window on this efficiency now. We’re offering a one month only price lock for those consumers who have the ability to switch and take advantage of this offer. We don’t think we’ll be able to do this again any time soon. Energy costs are impossible to predict, so it would be irresponsible for any provider, including SingleHop, to blindly offer an indefinite price-lock, which makes our June offer especially appealing,” adds Dan Ushman.

“During the past year energy prices have skyrocketed and have hit everyone really hard, especially companies using older, cheaper, or less efficient hardware for their servers,” comments Drew Hulburt, VP of Sales for SingleHop. ” Our efficiency reduces our electricity bill, putting us and our clients in a better situation going forward, and in the end our clients also receive the added reliability of having a less strained infrastructure,” he adds.

June SingleHop offer:

1) SingleHop is offering a hedge against future price increases (a price-lock guarantee,) forever, for any customer who switches from a competitor in June, 2008.

2) $200 in Cash Back incentives to anyone who switches service from another provider to SingleHop

3) Beefed up service guarantees, including a 100% network uptime guarantee (increased from 99.9%) and a 1-hour hardware replacement guarantee (increased from 4-hours)

4) Both a 7-day money back guarantee and an iron-clad service level agreement (SLA) to insure both initial and continued satisfaction

About SingleHop, Inc.

SingleHop is the industry’s first fully transparent managed dedicated server ISP. Located in Chicago, IL, SingleHop was formed to deliver low cost managed IT services for the small to medium enterprises from a central Midwest hub location. The company has capacity for over 2000 servers in one datacenter, with a network powered entirely by Cisco.

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