SingleHop announces new quality assurance technology into its LEAP webtop client portal

Chicago, IL, August 1, 2008: To address an often avoided but wide-spread industry-specific problem of allocating “dirty” IP addresses to customers, SingleHop, a managed dedicated hosting company, has added an advanced IP scanning system, dubbed IPensure, into its management portal. The portal, LEAP Webtop, and its Advanced Automatic Server-Provisioning System, was released earlier this week.

“Here’s a typical scenario that happens at other hosting providers: A new client signs up for a dedicated server. The server is setup, and email recipients have problems receiving mail, because the previous user of the IP space assigned to the client was black-listed for spamming. We developed IPensure to handle this problem,” says Zak Boca, Co-Founder and CEO of SingleHop. “IPensure is a proprietary tool that we developed in-house to serve in quality assurance process during server provisioning. IPensure is directly integrated in to our Advanced Automatic Server-Provisioning System, and will guarantee that new client's IP addresses are completely clean; free of any black-listings before they are ever allocated to a new server. We won’t allocate dirty IP’s to a new client,” says Igor Serebryany, Backend Systems Developer for LEAP. The company conducted extensive research and found hundreds of consumer complaints in the past six months alone, from outraged clients who purchased dedicated servers from a dozen different providers. Consumers resultantly found that their IP addresses were blacklisted by various RBL's, thereby affecting their ability to send email. SingleHop’s IPensure will conduct a check against a database of RBL's prior to allocation of IP's to new clients eliminating the possibility of allocating ’dirty’ IP addresses to customers.

“We studied the problem and build a solution that resolves it. IPensure is a vital level of quality to place in our auto-provisioning process because it prevents problems from occurring beforehand. LEAP is designed to allow for quick delivery of products, and this is one step that we’ve taken to ensure that our client’s are immediately ready to go with the server they want, free of hassle”, adds Boca.

About SingleHop, Inc.

SingleHop, Inc., is a full service managed dedicated hosting provider that was founded on the principal of providing reliable, cost-effective dedicated services. The company was founded by Zak Boca in 2006 and currently hosts thousands of websites worldwide. The cornerstone of SingleHop managed hosting is the à la Carte Server Management Program, which is a full-array of transparent management services that were designed, and tested to allow business customers to tailor their level of support to their needs or expertise.

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