SingleHop Announces Launch of the Cascade Cloud Hosting System

January 10, 2011 — SingleHop, Inc., a leading Chicago-based IT infrastructure and web hosting provider, today announced the launch of its new cloud hosting platform, Cascade. The new platform completes SingleHop's unique strategy of bringing the benefits from traditional dedicated server hosting and cloud computing advancements together into a new and better system. Cascade combines the flexibility of cloud computing with the reliability and legendary dedicated processing resources of traditional dedicated servers into a single platform.

“Cascade is a game-changer for the dedicated server segment of the market,” said Zak Boca, SingleHop's president and CEO. “Until now, cloud computing and dedicated servers were mutually exclusive concepts. Cascade is the first product that successfully combines the benefits of dedicated servers with the flexibility of a cloud service. No compromises.”

“Users of traditional dedicated servers enjoy dedicated resources at a fraction of the cost of cloud hosting, but without the ability to easily scale resources up or down. Cascade offers the best of each technology by retaining the flexibility of cloud computing and cascading it onto traditional dedicated servers, an engineering solution that is easy to use and understand. Furthermore, Cascade allows dedicated servers the self-healing benefits of cloud computing where users have their dedicated environments, but no longer experience downtime with hardware failures. We're very excited about this innovative approach,” added SingleHop Chief Operating Officer, Andy Pace.

Cascade will be offered as an add-on service for SingleHop's managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. By adding Cascade, SingleHop customers will be able to access all the benefits of cloud hosting without sacrificing the familiarity, stability, security, and reliability of dedicated server technology. In addition, Cascade users will be able to make real-time adjustments to their processing power and memory by instantly migrating their hosted solution to a more powerful machine when needed.

While enjoying the benefits of cloud hosting, Cascade users will maintain complete control of their servers and have the security of knowing that their applications are running on their own dedicated machines and not on shared grid-computing environments.

Customers may administer their Cascade servers through SingleHop's LEAP management system and through the LEAP API. Cascade is offered as an upgrade to almost all of SingleHop's dedicated and managed hosting solutions for a monthly fee of $40 per server. For more information on the Cascade cloud hosting platform, please visit: {page_195}

About SingleHop, Inc.

SingleHop, Inc., is a full-service hosting provider based in Chicago. The company was founded by Zak Boca and Dan Ushman in 2006 and hosts thousands of websites for customers around the world. SingleHop was ranked #58 in the 2010 Inc. 500, an annual list of America's fastest-growing companies.

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