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SingleHop Named to the 2015 Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting Magic Quadrant

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SingleHop’s Easy Cloud for Agents

The cloud or “Internet” is nothing new to telecom agents. In fact, the term “cloud” comes from the cloud depicted in standard wide area network diagrams. While the roots of the telecom agent lie in traditional voice services, the most successful agents have evolved their businesses as technology has evolved. They approach their customers’ needs holistically from a solutions perspective and realize that the network infrastructure is tied directly to the data center and server infrastructure. As the lines between IT and telecom networking blur and merge, customers are seeking single source providers.

Agents are the leading force in cloud infrastructure and services sales:

  • Every single IP or MPLS circuit sold adds a new leg to the cloud network
  • Every colocation sale houses server infrastructure that delivers some “hosted” application
  • VoIP is nothing more than a hosted application delivered in the cloud
  • Hosted Exchange is one of the most common SaaS

At the end points of every network are data centers and servers, thus cloud computing (server infrastructure) is a natural addition/extension of these services you are delivering to your clients today.

While legacy telecom channel services will continue to be needed, it is a race to zero margin. SingleHop makes it easy for you to adopt and sell high margin enterprise cloud compute solutions as a part of your data networking sales. You can easily engage with one of our Premier Master Distributors and start selling SingleHop immediately. SingleHop’s experienced cloud solutions experts are an expert resource you can leverage as your team evolves and adopts cloud compute offerings. All backed by our industry leading Partner Bill of Rights.

SingleHop’s Easy Cloud for VARs

“Adopt or perish!” is the hype VARs have heard many times over the years as each new technology was rolled out or some analyst was looking to make a name for themselves. However, the growth and adoption of cloud services is less about technology and more about a real change in the way your customers want to consume and deploy IT services going forward.

Giving your customers options and choice in a broad range of products and services at competitive pricing has been the heart and soul of the VAR business model. SingleHop’s easy cloud compliments and expands your core business value by being able to offer them both on-premise and off-premise cloud solutions. We make it easy to deliver on demand enterprise cloud solutions immediately without having to make big investments or revamp your sales team overnight. SingleHop’s experienced cloud solution experts and engineers are an extension to your sales team. They take the time to understand your customer’s business challenges and objectives and help you deliver a holistic solution.

Adding cloud services is a great way to quickly build a strong recurring revenue stream from your existing customers as well as attract new ones. Every year the margins on traditional offerings continue to tick downwards. Not only do you have to start out each month at zero, but many VARs are finding that they have to sell more and more of the traditional products just to make the same money. The following diagram shows how quickly an average VAR can build a monthly recurring revenue stream based on a slow sales progression.

SingleHop’s Easy Cloud for MSP and SIs

Businesses are adopting cloud solutions to leverage scalability, reliability, cost savings, and agility. The cloud gives your clients access to more services than ever before. However, cloud services are not one-size-fits-all. More than ever, your clients need guidance and technical assistance to find the right solution and help managing their integration of cloud technologies.

In an effort to stay relevant and meet this demand, many solution-providers-turned-MSPs have spent heavily in building out their own cloud infrastructure colocated in third-party data centers. While this business model promised profits and recurring revenue streams, the reality is managed services take time to develop and turn a profit. This path requires MSPs to absorb large costs in people, infrastructure, and facilities. Many are finding that their clients require multiple cloud delivery models that require additional spend and scalability challenges, which further erodes projected margins.

SingleHop makes it easy for you to deliver highly scalable, secure, compliant enterprise cloud solutions without the large capital investments. Our on-demand solutions allow you to deliver more with less without sacrificing control or quality. Our flexible, integrated platform allows you to create public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions. Furthermore, you can leverage our RESTful API tools and our VMware branded solutions or build your own custom hypervisor solution (HyperV, Zen, Ubuntu, OpenStack) on our X86 bare metal platform. Legacy applications and OS are not a problem for SingleHop either.

On your paper or ours, SingleHop is the infrastructure partner of choice. Our team supports you 100% so you remain your customer’s complete IT services provider. We get you out of the hardware and data center operations business and allow you to focus and layer on your higher margin value services.