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Jim Hayes explains Metro's partnership with SingleHop.
“SingleHop’s platform provides ample room for growth at the right price point, as well as the complexity to grow almost any product or application. ” Jim Hayes, Director of Infrastructure and Technologies, Metro DC


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Partnering to Grow: How SingleHop Supports Metro Data Center’s Business Road Map


Metro Data Center, a colocation facility offering a variety of IT solutions, including business continuity, disaster recovery and migration, decided to add cloud offerings to their services suite. Metro sought a partner who could design cloud infrastructure capable of accommodating complex security requirements as well as range of design considerations tailored to the needs of their customers. Moreover, they wanted a partner that could not only satisfy the needs of their colocation customers, but help them roadmap their infrastructure strategy moving forward.

Why SingleHop?

Using SingleHop’s IaaS solutions and dedicated private cloud, Metro builds and implements custom infrastructure architectures and service models for each customer. With SingleHop as a partner, however, service goes a step further. Metro has access to both SingleHop’s technology experts, who help fulfill the design and architecture needs of the end customer, and SingleHop’s senior management team, who guide Metro as they build their own established cloud service provider platform.

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