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Tom Ingold of Boundless discusses his experience with SingleHop.
“We chose SingleHop because they provide great value. The people are very accessible. They have the quality we need, the servers we need, the specs we need.” Tom Ingold, Techinical Account Manager, Boundless


Boundless is the world’s foremost authority on open source GIS and location-based data.




Dedicated Servers

Infrastructure Automation that Puts Clients in Control


Boundless, an open-source software company specializing in geospatial software, was moving from a colocation facility and in need of a dedicated server provider that could offer: flexible control over infrastructure, excellent customer support and top-notch products and services.

Why SingleHop?

Boundless chose SingleHop to host bare metal and virtual servers, which are used for development and testing before moving deployments to customer locations. SingleHop’s DropZone API allows Boundless to deploy and manage their infrastructure however and whenever they want, while the RESTful API allows them to incorporate third-party software to their control panel.

Deploy Dedicated Servers in Just 60 Minutes