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Belly's Kevin Reedy describes his SingleHop experience.
“SingleHop has, by far, exceeded our expectations. They have the best turnaround time on dedicated servers I have ever seen. And that’s in addition to their great value and support.” Kevin Reedy, Infrastructure Architect, Belly Inc.


Belly is the provider of a popular mobile customer and loyalty and rewards platform.


Customer Loyalty/Business Services


Dedicated Servers

Belly Chose SingleHop Custom Bare Metal for Data Analytics


Belly, the provider of a popular mobile customer loyalty and rewards platform, was expanding quickly and needed a means to deliver more processing power and I/O throughput. Although AWS would continue to power their app, Belly had many workloads, such as big data analytics, that did not price well in the public cloud model or require instant scaling. Instead, Belly needed bare metal servers from a quality infrastructure provider, requiring better economics, custom hardware, fast deployment, 100 percent uptime, and full network control.

Why SingleHop?

SingleHop built Belly’s dedicated servers to spec, with the first batch deployed in three hours. With SingleHop’s extensive API and industry-leading SLA, Belly was able to fully manage every aspect of their infrastructure, which now includes virtual machines, from a variety of devices and systems with the guarantee of 24/7 network availability.

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