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Global Network Reach

We provide our customers with access to three networks. Our public network provides connectivity to the general Internet, our private network connects your servers to each other in a secure, out-of-band way, and our storage area network (SAN) provides secure transport to storage devices and products within the data center. All of our data center facilities have an internal network architecture designed to support our clients and servers hosted within it through a combination of Dell and Cisco hardware. Our network’s performance speaks for itself, maintaining 100% network uptime for the last three years in a row.
  • Public Network

    Our all-Cisco public network connects you to the world. As a fully redundant, highly available network, it is designed to scale, and, above all else, be reliable and resilient no matter what is thrown at it.

    • 14 Tbps total capacity
    • 80 Gbps between network layers
    • Directly connected to tier 1 providers
  • Private Network

    Our out-of-band private network enables secure internal communications between devices without using any public bandwidth and offers remote access to your servers for offline administration and management.

    • Speeds up to 1 Gbps
    • Unmetered transit and native multicast
    • Secure remote access via SSL-VPN
  • Storage Area Network

    Our dedicated storage area network (SAN) provides a secure transport to storage arrays anywhere within the data center, while leveraging a high availability design to provide uninterrupted access.

    • Dual 10 Gbps connections
    • iSCSI optimized
    • Stacked redundant design

Network at a Glance

Provider Networks: AboveNet, Internap, N Layer, TellaSonera