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Compliance-Ready Hosting

Experts in HIPAA and PCI Compliance

We offer a wide range of solutions specifically tailored for businesses that require HIPAA and PCI compliance. From increased access to healthcare information to reduced errors, the benefits of our services are countless. We also have extensive experience in providing PCI-compliant hosting solutions to e-commerce vendors of all sizes.

SingleHop Named to the 2015 Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting Magic Quadrant

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HIPAA Compliance

We provide best practices and requirements to limit security concerns when it comes to access, file and system integrity, authentication, and the transmission of secured data.

  • Physical and virtual isolation
  • Will sign BAA
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PCI Compliance

Our platform supports PCI compliance by offering a private, isolated platform along with a security methodology designed to comply with PCI standards for secure computing.

  • Network security features
  • Enterprise-class technologies
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Protect Your Infrastructure with Shield Plus

Shield Plus Advanced Security is a comprehensive collection of security technologies from SingleHop and our enterprise technology partners. Add Shield Plus to your infrastructure to enable DDoS mitigation provided by Radware and Arbor, unlimited SSL certificates, software and firewall endpoint protection, anti-virus for Windows, and much more. Shield Plus also includes enhanced OS security, which is a custom set of actions our trained, certified administrators perform on your OS to help further secure your environment.

Every Solution Custom Designed and Built

Every infrastructure solution is built to order with only the best technologies. Each node is configured to meet your business needs today and tomorrow. Additionally, you maintain full control over the selected hardware: Upgrade or downgrade it, customize the networking configuration, and even select the operating systems that are deployed on your VMs.

Rapid Time to Market

Deploying an infrastructure solution with SingleHop will empower your IT team to do more and perform better. Letting us host it for you will save your organization time in sourcing it, configuring it, and managing it down the road, freeing your team to focus on what they do best: growing your business.

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