Shield Managed Security

Shield, Shield Plus & Shield Plus Compliance

From the data center down to your applications, Shield Managed Security offers comprehensive protection managed by highly trained engineers and technicians. Explore the side-by-side comparison of both versions below, as well as a detailed look at all features.

Shield Shield Plus Shield Plus Compliance
Price Included with all servers Chat for pricing Chat for pricing
Physical Security Package
Private Networks & Isolated Security Zones
Two-Factor Authentication
Event Logging & Management
Data Encryption Optional
DDoS Protection & Mitigation
Software Firewall & Endpoint Protection
OS Updates & Patching
OS Hardening
SSL Certificates
Managed IDS
Daily Log Review

Safeguard your mission-critical assets with Shield Plus.

Shield Managed Security Features

SSAE 16 Certified Data Centers

By hosting with us, our SSAE 16 certification extends to your business, ensuring you meet the highest regulatory standards for secure business operations and compliance practices.

24/7/365 Security Staff

All of our data centers are staffed with expert security personnel around the clock.

Perimeter Security

Several types of identification and permissions are required to get past not just the front door, but the front gate of our data centers.

Real-Time Camera Coverage

All of our data centers are equipped with 24/7 camera monitoring. No inch of the data center goes unrecorded.

Biometric, Multi-Factor Access

From ID badges to fingerprint scanners to retina scanners, we utilize the latest biometric technology to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the data center.

Full Audit Trail

We offer complete transparency regarding our certifications. We want you to feel comfortable working with us and know that compliance standards are a top priority.

IP Management

We help you plan, track, and manage the IP activity within your network.

Software Firewall & Endpoint Protection — Shield Plus & Shield Plus Compliance

Comprehensive antivirus and anti-malware endpoint protection for your systems. Our proactive anti-malware defenses and robust web and device management features take the uncertainty out of your business’s endpoint defense.

DDoS Mitigation — Shield Plus & Shield Plus Compliance

Fully automated, high-capacity DDoS protection and mitigation monitored by expert network operations engineers. Learn more about our DDoS solution.

Private Network

A secure, out-of-band private network that can be used to access servers or devices without using the public internet. The private network can be connected to any server in our data center, allowing for secure communication between servers, reduced latency and increased efficiency.


Secure remote access to resources by establishing an encrypted tunnel across the internet. IPsec VPN enhances productivity by extending access to your network and applications.

Security Zones

Enforce your organization’s internet security policies based on the origin of web content with Shield Security zone management.

Vulnerability Scanning — Shield Plus Compliance Only

Automated aggregation and correlation of anomalous behavior patterns quickly identify threats and attacks to your network.

VMware vCNS

VMware’s vCloud Networking and Security provides networking and security capabilities — including firewalls, VPNs, and load balancing — for virtualized compute environments built with vCloud Suite technologies

Cisco Firewalls

Cisco firewall technologies help you prevent malicious traffic from impacting mission-critical applications and data. Our security experts work with you to create custom rules and processes that identify and facilitate legitimate traffic while blocking potential threats.

Dedicated vLANs

Isolated vLANs deployed on a per customer and server basis, allowing for secure communications within the boundaries of your infrastructure solution.

Network-Based IPs

We monitor your network for malicious activity or suspicious traffic by combing through log data in real time. We work to protect your network from threats and vulnerabilities, as well as protect its confidentiality, integrity and availability.

OS Application Patching — Shield Plus & Shield Plus Compliance

We constantly update our technology in order to provide the latest security services. By patching the system on a regular basis, we prevent new malware from exploiting any old breaches.

OS Hardening — Shield Plus & Shield Plus Compliance

Similar to applying patches, we comb through your system to reduce available vectors of attack, such as unnecessary software, unnecessary usernames or logins, and unnecessary services. By hardening your operating system, we are reducing its surface of vulnerability.

Antivirus — Shield Plus & Shield Plus Compliance

We offer fast, light, proactive antivirus and anti-malware defenses combined with robust web and device management. We constantly monitor for new threats and compare threat profiles against legitimate traffic to keep false positives to a minimum. Needed to meet compliance requirements.

Log Collection & Analysis — Shield Plus Compliance Only

We collect and aggregate log data, providing a view into your entire IT infrastructure. Once logs are securely transferred, data is parsed and normalized for real-time analysis or scheduled reporting. Needed to meet compliance requirements.

Real-Time Monitoring — Shield Plus Compliance Only

We us log data to monitor any threats, vulnerabilities or breaches into your network. That way we can solve any problems quickly and efficiently without putting sensitive information at risk. Needed to meet compliance requirements.

Host-Based IDS — Shield Plus Compliance Only

We monitor your system integrity, application activity, file changes, host network traffic and system logs in order to prevent malicious software from threatening your network and server system.

SSL Certificates — Shield Plus & Shield Plus Compliance

Our customers receive the benefit of an unlimited number of Free GlobalSign SSL Certificates that can be deployed on any infrastructure product, such as dedicated servers, public clouds or private clouds. Needed to meet compliance requirements.

Two-Factor Authentication

When logged into LEAP, enable two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of protection to your account. The feature requires the user’s main login password and a second identification step through Authy for verification. Authy is a mobile application that provides a time-based, one-time password algorithm.

Data Encryption

Through our robust security practices, including multi-factor authentication, you can be sure that your data is protected and encrypted behind many safeguards. Only you, the person with the key to access your account, can unlock it.

Event Management — Shield Plus Compliance Only

We collect, aggregate, and normalize log data and provide a view into your entire IT infrastructure. Flexible data collection options provide models for your entire infrastructure. Once logs are transferred securely, data is parsed and normalized for real-time analysis or scheduled reporting.

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