Multicloud Managed Hosting

Master Your Multicloud Strategy

No single cloud platform meets the diverse needs of your organization’s applications and workloads. That’s why, more likely than not, your environment is already ‘multicloud.’ But crafting a multicloud strategy that truly accelerates digital transformation requires cross-platform expertise, meticulous planning, and the right tools. With Multicloud Managed Hosting from SingleHop, you get all of that plus the time back to focus on what matters most: Helping your business grow.

Mix and Match Your Multicloud Environments. SingleHop Takes the Rest.

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Why Multicloud Managed Hosting from SingleHop?

Application-Driven Multicloud Management

Applications should drive every cloud infrastructure decision. Not the other way around. Multicloud strategies allow you to avoid vendor lock-in and provide you the flexibility to choose the right environment for each legacy or born-in-the-cloud application. SingleHop solutions engineers are standing by to provide expert advice at every step of the cloud architecture process.

Certified Multicloud Expertise

Stay ahead of the ever-changing cloud infrastructure landscape. With hundreds of AWS, Microsoft Azure and VMware certifications and counting, SingleHop’s Service First Support technicians know the ins-and-outs of the most popular multicloud platforms, ensuring your applications are deployed and managed for maximum efficiency, security and performance.

Optimized Multicloud Economics

Make your finance team happy. With consolidated billing and monthly, application-specific report cards, streamline your multicloud spend and take billing headaches off your plate. Additionally, SingleHop engineers design every cloud environment with cost optimization in mind and recommend cost-saving changes as environment conditions evolve.

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