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The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) was developed to create a common standard for cardholder data security on a global basis. Maintaining these standards in a rapidly evolving cybersecurity threat landscape requires carefully designed infrastructure and best-practice management protocols. Discover how our expert solutions engineers and 24/7 security operations team will help you safeguard sensitive customer data.

Compliant Architecture Designed by PCI Experts

Our solutions engineers study PCI best-practices so you don’t have to. On your very first consultation, they’ll walk you through compliance steps and service options on the way to a fully compliant, single-tenant environment. Using SingleHop’s truly hybrid infrastructure solutions, the design process balances economics, redundancy, scalability, performance and isolation to arrive at an optimal compliant-hosting solution for your organization.

Fully Managed Compliant Hosting

Once your PCI compliant environment is deployed, we’ll handle the day-to-day upkeep and monitoring. Your managed security team will maintain firewalls, encrypt transmission of data, review access controls, monitor networks, update antivirus software and review event logs daily. Should you ever want or need to take control of a task yourself, no problem — you’re always in control.

Hosted in SSAE 16 Data Centers

All servers and VMs are maintained in highly secure, state-of-the-art data center facilities. Staffed 24/7/365 by SingleHop’s Service First engineers and technicians, each facility features robust physical access controls, such as vehicle barriers, camera coverage, guarded checkpoints, multi-factor biometric scanning, locked suites and locked cabinets. Learn more and schedule a tour.

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Features & Benefits

Our PCI hosting solutions are built on fully isolated, single-tenant platforms using dedicated bare metal servers and private cloud environments.

Security operations center personnel configure and monitor firewalls based on your requirements, in accordance with the PCI standard. Additionally, our web application firewall solution eliminates the need for costly and inefficient code review. We constantly tune your WAF in conjunction with traffic pattern analysis.

A key aspect of the PCI security protocol involves performing regular risk assessments that, while absolutely necessary, are often resource consuming. Let our compliance experts do the heavy lifting.

PCI compliance requires that all events on all devices are logged and reviewed daily. Your security operations center team is on the job 24/7/365 and armed with some of the most sophisticated monitoring and parsing tools in the industry.

Our Service First systems administrators work directly with your team to provide seamless, authenticated access control and change management protocols specific to your business requirements.

Our team monitors network traffic data and analyzes any suspicious pattern. If these events merit taking action to protect your data, our security analysts are alerted immediately to further investigate the threat and take action. Because our solutions correlate these events, they learn to recognize these threats as they emerge.

With SingleHop’s Shield Plus security package, your PCI-ready hosting solution will include SSL Certificates, enabling secure internet protocols for both internal and external server communications.

Using the latest threat profiles and security updates to keep your systems secure and updated with the latest security patches upon their release, SingleHop’s managed antivirus and anti-malware is an essential component to PCI compliance.

Advanced network traffic and payload visibility, signature and behavior-based correlation, and patented 7-factor threat scenario modeling are all available. Contact us for more details.

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