HIPAA Compliant Hosting

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Safeguard your patient health information.

SingleHop offers comprehensive managed hosting solutions for HIPAA compliance via our powerful automation platform, certified technicians and partnership with compliance leader AlertLogic™. The evolution of technology and the proliferation of electronic medical records provides numerous benefits to patients and providers, but achieving compliance requires regulatory expertise and operational rigor. Partner with a hosting and managed services provider who gives you both.

Comprehensive Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

Storing or processing patient health information? Then you need assurance your data is safeguarded just as much as your stakeholders. That’s why we offer a BAA for all HIPAA-compliant environments. You may see this offered at other providers, but know this: Not all BAAs are created equal. Our thorough agreements cover your entire infrastructure and fairly share liability. We also include reporting and audit trails for any security incidents.

Custom Designed & Expertly Managed

SingleHop managed compliance solutions for HIPAA are geared to organizations of all sizes in the healthcare industry. Our compliance solutions can be deployed on fully managed servers and Dedicated Private Cloud, as well as our Managed AWS and Managed Azure offerings. Service First engineers and technicians assist with the design of your secure hosting environment and help manage it every step of the way.

Technical & Physical Safeguards

SingleHop engineers are experts in HIPAA/HITECH technical safeguard guidelines, ensuring your environment follows requirements and best practices related to data access, file and system integrity, account authentication and secure data transmissions. Furthermore, all SingleHop solutions meet standard HIPAA physical safeguards, which include facility access, media controls and workstation security.

Download SingleHop’s Guide to Frequent Questions & Myths of HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

Features & Benefits

Our HIPAA managed solutions are custom-built for fully isolated, single-tenant platforms using dedicated bare metal servers and private cloud environments.

HIPAA compliance requires all events to be logged and reviewed daily for any device associated with patient health information. Your SingleHop or AlertLogic security operations center team is on duty around-the-clock, armed with advanced monitoring and parsing tools to ensure error-proof review.

Service First systems administrators collaborate with your team to provide authenticated access control and change management protocols tailored to your organization’s needs.

Your SingleHop security operations center team monitors network traffic data and analyzes any suspicious pattern. If these events merit action, analysts are immediately alerted to remediate the issue. The automated platform correlates these events and “learns” to recognize future threats as they emerge.

HIPAA solutions include SSL Certificates, enabling secure internet protocols for internal and external server communications.

SingleHop deploys numerous tools and processes in each of our facilities to identify, intercept, and nullify distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

SingleHop Service First admins deploy, and maintain antivirus and anti-malware software on your compliant servers. We use the latest threat profiles and security updates to keep your systems secure and apply critical security patches upon their release.

Advanced network traffic and payload visibility, signature and behavior-based correlation, and patented 7-factor threat scenario modeling are all available. Contact us for more details.

Safeguard your patient health information with a HIPAA Compliant
managed hosting solution from SingleHop.

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