Managed Azure

Microsoft built Azure with enterprise users in mind.
SingleHop manages Azure with you in mind.

Managed Microsoft Azure by SingleHop not only keeps your team focused on major business objectives, it lets you retain control — just as if it were managed in house. Leveraging our powerful cloud automation platform and our dedicated team of Microsoft Certified Engineers, we deliver superior performance for your Azure workloads. Maximize all that Azure and Microsoft Cloud has to offer with a solution built and priced specifically for your business size.

Azure Instances Managed by SingleHop: How it Works

Easy to Get Started

To get started, sign up and download the Managed Azure Remote Agent to your server. Once installed, you will be hooked into our management systems, and our team will be able to immediately help you.

24/7/365 Service First Support

Our team of Microsoft Certified Engineers is available around the clock to help. Service First Support is just a few clicks away via Remote Desktop or our control panel.

Advanced Monitoring Controls

After configuring your monitoring settings in the control panel, our technicians keep an eye on what you want them to watch — everything from pings and storage allocation to page loads and script executes.

Best-Practice Security & Compliance

Servers are only as secure as you make them. Our engineers architect with industry-proven security and compliance strategies to protect your servers from unwanted intruders and restrict traffic to only legitimate sources.

Two-Factor Authentication

We use two-factor authentication to ensure only you get access to the control panel and only you can instruct our techs. This is a simple, yet powerful security feature and is just one of many security functions built into our platform.

Whether your team needs Microsoft Azure, Stack or Pack
our Certified Microsoft Experts can help.

SingleHop Managed Azure vs. Microsoft Support Plans

While creating an Azure VM is pretty simple, complexity builds as soon as services within those VMs need to be managed. What’s more, Microsoft support can grow costly in a hurry and does not extend to the operating system. That’s where we come in.

  SingleHop Azure Free Azure
Managed OS Hardening
Monitoring (VM, OS, URL)
Anti-Malware & Antivirus Protection
OS-Layer File Integrity
Log Management
Expert Configuration
Unlimited Server Administration
OS Security Assessment
Disaster Planning Architecture
Monthly, Proactive Scheduled Maintenance
Performance, Service & Web Monitoring
OS Patching
Support Rep Location USA
Email Support
Phone Support Limited 3/month
Software Firewall/Event Log Monitoring
Offsite Backups
Two-Factor Authentication
Migration Services
Azure Infrastructure Support

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Explore How Managed Azure Can Enable Your IT Strategy

Service First Support for Microsoft Azure eliminates routine cloud infrastructure upkeep and monitoring, enabling your team to cover more ground and eliminate project backlogs.

Download the product overview for the above features table and other core benefits of Service First Support.

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Wrangle the Complex Realities of Azure Cloud with
SingleHop’s Managed Solution

Service First Support

Azure is a powerful platform, but it takes time and expertise to perfect even the simplest of deployments. With decades of expertise and a trophy-case of Microsoft certifications, our support staff is available 24/7/365. Service First Support by SingleHop is backed by our industry-leading Bill of Rights SLA that guarantees:

  • Speedy ticket response time
  • Frequent and consistent updates
  • Escalation to senior staff

Minimize Risk

Take advantage of SingleHop’s security and compliance expertise to reduce risks to your business related to downtime or intrusion. From log management to operating system hardening, we’ve got it covered. Think of us as your managed cloud security team. We provide:

  • End-to-end managed security
  • Incident monitoring and rapid response
  • Disaster recovery and managed backups
  • Compliant architecture consultations

Build Faster

Leverage Managed Azure to focus on your applications by delegating routine maintenance to us. Our engineers will take care of the maintenance and routine work currently bogging down your team and distracting you from building your business. Not only will we get it done — we get it done fast and error free:

  • Deploy VMs in minutes
  • Scale sites and apps in seconds
  • Move workloads between Azure and other clouds
  • Rapidly deploy large projects

Connect More

Enjoy the flexibility of SingleHop’s natively hybrid network alongside the scalability of Microsoft’s Azure platform. The combined capabilities are truly endless. Utilize site-to-site VPNs for secure communication, native load balancing and virtual networking to improve your IT operations in dramatic ways:

  • Complex system architectures
  • Native load balancing
  • Software defined virtual networking
  • Hybrid environments