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Leverage SingleHop’s Deep AWS Knowledge
When You Need It Most

When a cloud emergency occurs, whether it’s at 3 a.m., or the day before a deadline, your organization can’t wait. In fact, our mission for AWS architecture is to design mission-critical applications to be fault-tolerant from the moment they’re deployed. But if something goes wrong, we’re here in the event you need it, 24-hours a day. You’ll receive a dedicated cloud engineering team working in three shifts to monitor and support your environment. Each team member is certified in a variety of Amazon Web Services applications, Linux and Windows operating systems, as well as industry-standard security certifications.

We passed the AWS test — lots of times.

Certified Engineers

SingleHop boasts more than 40 certifications and accreditations for AWS. With more than 15,000 server environments managed and supported daily, our certifications run deep in the Linux portfolio as well as the Microsoft stack, including MS SQL, Windows, SharePoint and more.

Project Management

From architecture-build consultation, through implementation and migration as well as onboarding, SingleHop’s team of technical engineers specialize in these areas to help manage your cloud deployments.

Pioneer in Automation

Since our founding, automation has been rooted in our DNA. The innovative automation systems we use internally speeds access to data and solution implementation for troubleshooting or optimization of our client accounts. By leveraging automation in all areas of our managed services, we can take a supportive and human-centered approach to service and support. Take a peek at the next-generation version of SingleHop’s managed services automation currently in development.

AWS Enterprise Support

As the managed service provider with the highest customer Net Promoter Score, we go above and beyond for our AWS clients. Included with SingleHop’s Managed AWS offering is our enterprise support service. This means you’ll receive industry-leading response times to incidents when they arise.

  • General guidance: 24 hours
  • System impaired: 12 hours
  • Production system impaired: 4 hours
  • Production system down: 1 hour

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