AWS Cloud Security

AWS Cloud. Secured.

The question our cloud architects get asked more than any other is how to ensure security in the cloud. Our team monitors for and prevents security threats to customer infrastructure 24/7/365 in AWS Cloud, as well as our managed Azure and private cloud environments. Amazon’s cloud presents more complex security concerns than other clouds due to the speed at which they add new services. SingleHop’s Shield Security team evaluates the security risks of your applications and infrastructure to ensures they are up to date with released improvements and new service releases.

Security is Our Priority. Is It Yours?

Designed for Security

Our engineers design your application to be secure from the ground up using AWS best-practice guidelines. Throughout your on-boarding and managed service, our engineers tailor-build and consult with you to ensure performant, secure and cost efficient cloud infrastructure for your workloads and applications.

Proven Security Partner

The cloud opened up a lot of new possibilities for your application, but it also introduced a new set of security challenges. The rapidly changing threat landscape of cloud security can be difficult for any company to keep pace. Our decade-plus experience in designing and managing secure infrastructure means your application will be well equipped to meet the toughest cybersecurity challenges.

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