Performance with Managed AWS Cloud

Design Your AWS Cloud for Performance

Performance in the cloud isn’t just a matter of ensuring applications have the right resources but also that they’re optimized to your business goals. With the changing demands of today’s cloud, your partner should make sure your AWS infrastructure is optimized and configured to the meet needs of your individual applications whether for scalability, availability, performance or cost effectiveness.

Performance Optimized Computing with Managed AWS

CloudWatch Monitoring in AWS

CloudWatch Monitoring is crucial to ensuring your application is properly monitored for uptime and performance. SingleHop establishes a clear set of best-practice CloudWatch monitors and is your first line of defense should one of the monitors trigger.

Auto Scaling in AWS

Auto Scaling is an important feature to leverage when using AWS. It can allow your application to grow and shrink with demand. SingleHop can not only help you leverage this amazing service, but also ensure you are using it efficiently.

Storage Optimization in AWS

Storage can make up a large portion of your cloud bill if not managed properly. SingleHop has a decade of best-practice knowledge in optimizing storage, helping customers plan for future capacity needs while eliminating wasteful spending. Schedule a free consultation with our cloud experts to learn more.

Web Performance in AWS

AWS is constantly improving and adding new services for accelerating website performance. Knowing what options are available and which are relevant to your website is an ever-changing challenge. Your dedicated Service First support team.

Managed AWS Cloud Resources

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