Achieving Compliance in the Cloud

Don’t check the compliance box. Lock it down.

Moving your data to the cloud requires close examination of all the factors that go into running your application in line with compliance standards. Where is the data stored? Is it vulnerable to security threats? Will it be encrypted? SingleHop can help you answer these questions and much more by helping you design, build and manage your application on the cloud to meet compliance requirements.


HIPAA Compliant Cloud Management

Every healthcare provider or organization working with patient health information must ensure that applications are HIPAA compliant. SingleHop does more than just help you ‘check the box’ when it comes to protecting patient data. Let our experienced, certified staff navigate these challenges and ensure your data and applications meet the strictest guidelines.

Managed Cloud for PCI Compliance

Protecting cardholder information in the cloud is challenging, particularly when you are using one of the hyperscale public clouds like AWS. Becoming PCI compliant is a lengthy and complicated process. SingleHop experts have decades of collective experience helping clients ensure their applications are PCI-certified in the cloud. Schedule a consultation to talk with our technicians about your PCI challenges.

Managed AWS Cloud Resources

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