Leverage Cloud Automation for AWS

Still the Leader in Automation

SingleHop has been an industry leader in data center automation since day one and have since leveraged our automation tools to create award-winning cloud services. We also developed very powerful network automation tools to provide the same networking capabilities to VMs as we have for dedicated servers. This includes dedicated vlans, HSRP for high availability, shared firewall, DDoS protection and IPEnsure for keeping subnets out of spam RBLs. Today, we extend that tradition with AI, a software solution that provides SysAdmins and businesses with granular, streamlined “Actionable Intelligence” on their disparate cloud environments, including instances hosted within AWS.

The Power is In the Platform

AI: Actionable Intelligence

AI is beginning a new and exciting chapter in its development. The tool provides deep insights to our team into your entire server ecosystem by providing a set a tools to not only collect data, but to take action on it. In other words, AI serves as a conduit to all of your organization’s server operating systems, channeling that information via our platform to deliver actionable intelligence.

LEAP Customer Portal

SingleHop’s LEAP platform is the cornerstone of our proprietary automation and is responsible for our success in the hosting industry. LEAP enables you to easily create, modify and manage all of your infrastructure, as well as manage your SingleHop account from any device.

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