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Fully-Managed Hosting

Your servers, our engineers.
Let us do the routine maintenance so you can focus on your business.

We Manage IT Differently

Your business does not fit into a predefined box and neither do our management services. We believe in co-managing infrastructure with our customers. That means we take on the tasks your team does not want. It’s not a “take all or nothing” proposition as with some providers.

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Your Team Stays in Control

We employ enterprise-class change management technology to make sure your team approves everything we do before we do it. You can define custom escalation procedures, schedule routine maintenance in advance, and much, much more.

Highly-Flexible Managed Services

We manage the aspects of your infrastructure you don’t want to manage yourself. You can co-manage with us, leave it all to us, or handle certain things yourself. The choice is yours.

Purpose-Built Managed Solutions

Rapidly-deployed solutions designed to address specific needs

Change your IT for the Better

When you outsource infrastructure management to SingleHop, you not only free-up your IT department’s time, but enhance your capabilities, expand your reach, and improve your reliability, as well.

On-Demand /

Deploy the infrastructure and services you need faster by deploying them in a just-in-time basis.

Certified Engineers 24×7

Need us to do something for you? Have a question? Just call, we’re always there.

Engineering-driven Processes

Your business does not fit in a box. That’s why we design custom solutions for every customer

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