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Your servers, our engineers.
Let us do the routine maintenance so you can focus on your business.

We Manage IT Differently

Your business does not fit into a predefined box and neither do our management services. We can deliver turn-key managed environments complete with all the underlying infrastructure, or we can manage your existing systems at another location. We use powerful, proprietary automation technology to deliver managed services remotely in a highly secure and efficient way.

Managed SingleHop Infrastructure

We host and manage your infrastructure for you. Take advantage of our powerful automation, coupled with our global reach to have a seamless one-stop-shop for all of your business IT needs. Our engineers do the architecting, updating, monitoring, patching, maintaining, responding, and worrying.

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Managed Azure Infrastructure

Let our team of specialized Microsoft Certified Engineers take over the day-by-day management of your Microsoft Azure OSEs. We offer full remote management services for Azure, including operating system-level monitoring, patching, updating and more.

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Stay in Control

You stay 100% in control at all times via powerful change management software. Nothing happens unless your team approves it. You can define custom procedures and schedules for everything from escalation to routine maintenance.

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Extreme Flexibility

We’ll manage as much or as little of your infrastructure as you need. That is very different than most one-size-fits-all managed hosting providers, and it translates directly into savings because you don’t have to pay us to perform tasks that you can do yourself.

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Purpose-Built Managed Solutions

We offer a number of purpose-built enterprise solutions that can be deployed quickly to address specific needs
Change your IT for the Better

When you outsource infrastructure management to SingleHop, you not only free-up your IT department’s time, but enhance your capabilities, expand your reach, and improve your reliability, as well.


Deploy the infrastructure and services you need faster by deploying them in a just-in-time basis.

Certified Engineers 24×7

Need us to do something for you? Have a question? Just call, we’re always there.

Engineering-driven Processes

Your business does not fit in a box. That’s why we design custom solutions for every customer

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