Subpoena Policy

Governmental requests for data.

SingleHop is committed to responsible business practices, and asks for the same from its customers. SingleHop recognizes that Internet based businesses often create new challenges for law enforcement. It is SingleHop’s goal to balance those challenges with due process obligations and other rights enjoyed by its customers. To help facilitate this balance, SingleHop has developed a unified process designed to ensure that all requests for information from governmental entities receive a diligent and fair review. Unless a specific Federal law explicitly provides differently, all requests must follow this process.

  1. All requests for data must be served on SingleHop by facsimile. The facsimile number for these requests is 202-318-4089. If such a request is required to be served by hand, please call 202-558-2366 first. SingleHop does not accept “drop by” service. If you do not receive a follow up telephone call from an attorney representing SingleHop within 3 business days from the date of your fax, please assume it was not received. Because of the volume of requests received by SingleHop, we are unable to verify receipt in any other manner.
  2. SingleHop accepts all Federal, state, local, municipal and other governmental requests for data from entities within the United States. Requests for data from outside the United States must follow the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty process for your country. For more information about this process, please click here:
  3. SingleHop will notify its customer of all governmental requests for information. For a request not to be disclosed by SingleHop, the request for data must contain a cite to the specific statute that expressly requires that the request be kept confidential.
  4. We endeavor to meet the deadlines set out in requests for data. Please assume that our response will take five business days from the date we verify your request.
  5. As a courtesy to law enforcement, we do not bill for simple requests for subscriber information. For all other requests, you will be charged $250 per hour, in increments of fifteen minutes. Should we be required to purchase hardware to fulfill a request, you will be billed for this hardware at our cost.
  6. If you have any questions about this policy, please call 202-558-2366.