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Leap3 Client Portal

Introducing LEAP3, our industry-leading client portal.

Winner of The Cloudy’s Most Innovative Cloud Enablement Tool, LEAP lets you design, deploy, and manage your infrastructure in any of our global data centers from one centralized, unified portal.

Control from Any Device

Whether it be from your computer, iPad, iPhone, or Android device, you can manage your servers using our extremely powerful LEAP interface. This interface offers a complete degree of control over not only your infrastructure, but also your SingleHop account. We give you the power to manage your infrastructure from anywhere, any time. We are continuously working on new applications for other platforms and will be deploying them soon.

Build on Top of It

LEAP’s DropZone and Tandem interfaces offer a wide range of developer-friendly functionality. You can fully integrate your applications with the infrastructure platform and enhance your ability to scale and manage growth down the line. Design the perfect command center for your infrastructure, deploy servers and cloud VMs however you want and whenever you want, and manage your infrastructure using our full arsenal of automation commands. Not only that, our RESTful API gives you the ability to tightly integrate third-party software to your control panel.