Video Training

Video Training

Hear from experts in the IT world through How-To videos and informal talks on current topics.

The Difference Between BaaS and DRaaS

In 5 minutes we explain the difference beween cloud backups (BaaS) and disaster recovery (DRaaS) and when to consider each

Why Choose Managed Azure by SingleHop

Not everyone in the cloud is living the cloud dream. From cost optimization to security, successfully managing the Microsoft cloud takes expertise and a whole lot of time.

How to Avoid Downtime in AWS

Our 5 minute video tackles how your customers can avoid downtime in the AWS Cloud.

Should I Have My Servers Managed?

Do your customers have questions about managed cloud or managed servers? Learn the benefits in this short video.

Tech Talk: AWS Security Best Practices

Security will always be a hot topic - especially in the public cloud. Learn more about how your clients can stay secure in the AWS cloud.

Public Cloud Strategy 101

Have customers thinking about public cloud? Start to speak the public cloud language with this 5 minute video.

What is Business Continuity?

Learn more about this term and why it is important to IT doers. Business Continutiy includes cloud backups, disaster recovery and security.

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