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Learn How to Accelerate Your Organization's Growth & Revenue from the Cloud

The Cloud Offers a Massive Revenue Opportunity

VARs, System Integrators and IT Consultants stand to benefit substantially from the off-premise migration mega-trend as more and more businesses look to their local IT support organization for help in migrating to the Cloud. Learn more about the massive revenue opportunity in our 5-part video series. The video series is hosted by Mark Gierke, an expert in Cloud computing and a Strategic Channel Manager for SingleHop.
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Cloud Market Opportunity

The Cloud offers a very rare opportunity to capitalize on an accelerating mega-trend. Businesses large and small are adopting Cloud computing as a way to save money while being more efficient and nimble. They are shutting down their on-premise data centers and migrating their critical applications and workload into the Cloud at record-setting pace. And they are looking to their local VAR or system integrator for help. The market is just now heating up.

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