Wrapping up Techweek

Now that Techweek is wrapping things up on its final day, I thought it would be a good idea to review some of the happenings in the past week. Everything from the expo, to the start up city competition, Techweek supplied a fun, and fact-filled week at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.

While opening day started out a little slow, things quickly gained transaction as the day continued on. From the get-go, as I walked the expo floor, I noticed a lot of great companies showing off their products and interacting with people about their story. The great part was there were a lot Chicago based companies, so it is always great to see who all is in your "backyard" and what they are all about. Companies like Cheeky Chicago, Social Katy, SwingByte and EmPower HR, represented the Chi-Town name with honor and flair.

While SingleHop didn't have a booth at this years event, our name was in no short supply. As a contributing sponsor and official bag sponsor of the event, everyone walked away with the SingleHop name in some way. The bags themselves were particularly cool, as we threw out our own humor, hinting toward the indestructibility of our servers in the event of a zombie apocalypse (see photo.)

Some of the highlights, for us anyway, on the expo floor, was the arcade games, Big Buck Hunter, and Terminator Salvation. Being the geeks that we are, all the SingleHoppers in attendance had fun playing the games and trying to outdo each other on the scoreboard. While I didn't come out victorious on the arcade games, I did take care of business on the foosball table, a self proclaimed master at the game.

Of course fund and games were not the only reasons we were there, and certainly not the most important. Our Development Manager, Marc Bollinger, gave a great presentation on how to choose the right infrastructure for your company. Marc spoke mainly about the benefit of cloud computing and how the industry is shifting to this newer phenomenon as a more common practice.

Our co-founder and CMO, Dan Ushman, also got in on the action in the final day, sitting on a panel discussion about appropriate uses of funds to a new company. Dan sat with some of the industry leaders in technology, including the VP of development for Red Box. The big crowd at this discussion seemed to get a lot out of learning how a start up can use new funds to grow a business and even how to secure money from venture capitalists.

All in all, Techweek seemed to be a huge success. We had a great time meeting these companies in attendance, speaking with other industry leaders and educating those at the conference on the SingleHop story and the future of web hosting.

Next up we will be taking our talents to Bean Town, for the 2012 HostingCon in July. We plan to continue building our relationships there, learning all we can about new technology, and of course meeting and interacting with current and future clients alike. Be sure to look for us there, and in the meantime, let us know what you like most about these type of events in the comments below.