Woohoo!! SingleHop Ranked #1 by NetCraft for October 2009 Reliability

I don’t post as often as I should on our blog. I’ll be the first to admit it. But, today, I saw something that just gave me a real inspirational bump—a true honor for our company. The honor came from NetCraft, one of the oldest and most respected authorities on the internet. NetCraft monitors the reliability of the leading 50 web hosting providers and ranks them on their website. After several months of being in the top 10, SingleHop was recently crowned the #1 most reliable webhost around.

This is really significant because early in this year, as many of you may remember, we upgraded our entire network, essentially replacing all of our core routers, switches and systems with new Cisco equipment. This was a huge investment for us, and a massive undertaking by our networking and technical teams who worked double-time to insure a smooth upgrade … which they did. Now, almost 6 months later, we are ranked #1 for reliability – which many would argue is the key determining factor when choosing a hosting provider.

So, that said, check this out :-)


Click here to read the NetCraft post

SingleHop maintained exceptional uptime, exceptional connection speeds fast DNS lookups, 0% failed requests during all of October 2009. Now, that’s 100% uptime that you can count on.

I want to take a second to thank our excellent team for all their hard work… especially our data center operations guys and our networking engineers. Without their tireless work ethic, their “yes we absolutely can do that” attitude and their exceptional knowledge in their respective fields, we’ve been able to show the world that SingleHop is not only a dedicated hosting provider, but the most reliable dedicated hosting provider, as rated by a well know, trusted third party.

So again, thanks to the SingleHop team for making this incredible honor possible … and thank you NetCraft for keeping a watchful eye on the internet ...

The best,

Dan Ushman, Co-Founder and VP of Sales for SingleHop