Witness the Computing Power of our Fully Armed and Operational Data Center

We have been teasing our new Amsterdam data center since April and now, the ribbon has been cut and we are now live. The opening of our European data center is not just about opening a new location. It is about making strides towards our goal of offering a global service. Also it is about testing out our playbook in a foreign country.

When it comes to providing quality service, latency is a factor. Our Amsterdam facility allows our customers to greatly increase their online presence and reach for a larger demographic. And that is important to us at SingleHop. We want to give our customers the tools they need to succeed and the new Amsterdam data center is a reflection of our commitment.

The Playbook

In his post, Data Center Playbook, Andy Pace discussed how we have created a playbook that details how to tune up a data center in a few simple steps. This is achieved by having a heavily automated platform. Some things cannot be automated. For instance, as soon as the doors opened on the data center for us to start our work, we had techs pulling late nights building and racking servers and network components. As each rack was powered on, they were meticulously tested and given the green light. Speed is not enough. Rapidly deploying the data center includes a wide battery of testing to ensure that each component is operating at peak efficiency. We didn't just make building out a data center faster, we made it better.

The Amsterdam launch is a culmination of our vision for supporting the growth of our customers as well as a monument to what can be achieved with automation. In closing I welcome you to take a look at what our new data center has to offer, and, if you like what you see, use the coupon code EU25OFF and receive 25% off the first month!