Why choose SingleHop over other dedicated web hosts?

We all know it doesn’t take a long time to sense the future prospects of an employer, and so, while I have been at SingleHop for less than a year I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the sheer volume of positive feedback we constantly receive. This feedback has helped me understand the kind of company that SingleHop is, and challenges me and the rest of the company to continue providing excellent customer service and support- the #1 reasons why our clients choose and stay at SingleHop over the plethora of other providers out there. So, in order to make my point I'd like to share with you a few of the messages that we have received in the past few weeks:

Matt Ulrey from angelicsaviour.com, showed his appreciation by saying, “No one at The Planet ever cared to call me, but that's why I'm with you now, right?”

Greg Bittinger from treasurequestxlt.com replied to one of my emails with, “Thank you for contacting me and the personal touch I feel about your contact. I just love my server and I'm so glad I found SingleHop. I plan to give you my business for a very long time.”

Debbie Wooldridge, from www.ttcinnovations.com was facing a problem with her servers and this is what she said about her experience with us:
“The service team that we had on both tickets was AMAZING!!! They stuck with me through the entire trouble shooting, communicated with me about options and, ultimately, solved both our issues. I have nothing but positive feedback about these experiences. The technical support team members were fabulous!!!!”

Erik from Australia had a similar response to our support as well:
“I am shocked how excellent the technical support is. When I sent a query, I have a helpful and competent response within minutes. There is always someone there for me, ready to help. That makes me feel safe and secure. Thanks heaps for such a great service.”

While I know many of you have seen websites with seemingly vague and fabricated “customer testimonials,” ever since I started at SingleHop all of these testimonials have indeed come in, and are all true. Usually the way it works is that several times a week a uniquely encouraging message gets sent around the company- the latest one included a photoshoped picture of Steve Jobs doing some silly but clearly victorious pose! Here are a few more comments from clients who recently mentioned how pleasantly surprised they were at finally finding a hosting provider they could trust:

Ray Chest from www.supercountryhits.com mentioned his appreciation of his network and bandwidth performance: “I am very pleased with the performance I have gotten with Singlehop. I remember the days of
other hosting and bandwidth providers and they just simply do not stack up to you guys in every aspect. I sure am glad I made the hop on over to Singlehop.com”

Shane Holland from the popular blog www.myfriendshane.com focused his satisfaction with our service when he said:
“I rely on you guys for my business to run and I have NEVER been disappointed, your service has by far exceeded any of my expectations and it is truly like having a team of engineers and a datacenter, in my basement.”

And finally, Jonathan Skelton from www.yoursupport.net a full-service web strategy and design outfit, replied to our of our voicemails with: “Thanks for the voicemail and follow-up ticket. Since signing up with Singlehop, I have just one opinion. I love it! The server performs well and the support staff is willing to help me with whatever I need. I will continue to have a fast, reliable, and robust server.”

So from all of us here at SingleHop, thank you so much for the feedback. We will continue to deliver the same quality service, rain or shine.  We all work very hard to make sure that all our clients are well taken care of! If you have any suggestions for how we can improve our service, please feel free to let me know.