What we do each day.

Last night my son who just turned 5 asked me “Dad, what do you do at your job every day?”.  After a brief pause I stated that I help people with their Internet problems.  In today’s world Morgan knows exactly what the internet is- its what he uses to get to the PBS kids site during his allotted computer time.  Morgan then said, “so you are kind of a doctor for people who are on the internet, right?”. I chuckled. Even though we are not saving peoples lives here in the sales department, in many ways, he was right on the spot of what we do. After all, I like to remind the entire department that in order to be successful we must accurately diagnose and offer solutions for clients “pain points”.

So how does this helping process look like? First we begin by asking key questions that allow us to understand what core concerns a current or prospective client may be have. Someone might be looking for a lot of bandwidth, but their real priority is data security and thus we offer them our world class R1soft backup solution. For those who do not have their own IT staff or who need that “extra help”, we offer our managed services. And for someone who needs a lot of servers to run a few heavy-duty applications, we offer our cluster and complex hosting engineering and deployment services.

You see we look at each client independently so we can craft a unique solution that is solely focused on easing his or her hosting “pain points”.  Our experienced account executives focus on the growing needs of a client and ensure that all the hardware will work for their application. Then we have account managers who are wholly focused on solving billing and customer service concerns and work hand in hand with the account executives to ensure the success of the clients hosting solution.

I truly enjoy working alongside all of SingleHop's professionals. I see how our support department will go the extra mile to explain how our R1 backup is working or how to properly set up exchange on our servers. I am first-hand witness of our expert touch on those complex hosting and clusters that many companies don’t want to bother with.  I know if I explained all of this to Morgan he would not get it, but he did have a great big smile when I reiterated that my job is to help people.

At SingleHop, our slogan of doing IT differently is just not something we say, it is something we do every day.