Why the Core 2 Duo Processor for our Dedicated Servers?

We have chosen the new Core 2 Duo bleeding edge processors for our new dedicated servers for a variety of reasons. One major reason for picking these processors is that they are faster than their predecessors, and will create a more enjoyable experience while using the server.

The other major reason for choosing the new processors is power consumption. They use significantly less power than the previous processors we were using. The previous generation of processors, the Pentium D series, used about 130 watts of power. The current generation of Core Duo Processors uses around 60 watts. This means there is about a 50% reduction in power being used by the new processor.

You can figure out the amperage each server uses, by dividing the Watts by the Volts. So, for the old servers, you use around an amp, just for the processor. On the new servers, you use approximately half an amp. This allows us to put in more servers in the same amount of rack space.

The servers are faster, use less power and have more room for expansion.As a byproduct of using less power, they also produce less heat.This means we need significantly less cooling for this new line of servers.This helps to reduce energy costs from yet another perspective.

These new Core 2 Duo servers are also fully 64 bit compliant.This means, if you start off with a 64-bit operating system, you can expand to over 4 gigabytes of RAM if you need it. Most of your 32-bit applications should still work in this environment.You should check with your application's developers to see if this is true, or even if they offer a 64 bit version.This will allow you to continue expanding your business, even in tomorrow's world. You can also stick with a 32-bit version of the Microsoft Windows Server line or Linux.

To sum everything up, you get a faster and more efficient machine that can grow with your needs into the future of your company and they are better for the environment. A power efficient server is definitely the way to go!