What is Blazing fast, Ultra-Secure, and Unmetered? SingleHop's new SSL-VPN

Even as we celebrate 400% growth for Q1 of this year, our development schedule continues to buzz. Last week we released our blazingly fast, unmetered, and secure Private Network. It allows customers to have inter-server and non-public network connectivity at speeds of up to 1Gbps. So this week, it was just natural to compliment the Private Network by providing even more security through our new SSL-VPN.

Now you can have all the benefits of the private network, and stalwart security to go with it.

The idea behind SSL-VPN was to provide all the control and security that a customer could ever want by having their servers on the Private Network. It's a super-secure back-end solution to control, backup, synchronize and manage your servers. Furthermore, the SSL-VPN offering allows for a split-tunnel, Layer 3 mechanism where simultaneous connections can occur, without sacrificing security. You can be browsing online, downloading music, and controlling your server in a secure and independent "tunnel" from all your other traffic.

Being a hosting company, we chose not to develop the security features ourselves, but instead partnered with Array Networks' vast expertise in this area. Their SPX machine allows for tremendous scalability, hardware accelerated sessions, and even session monitoring so you know exactly who was in your server, when, what they did, and so forth- without any sacrifice in performance!

The SSL-VPN is available for free to all customers with a limit of one user per account; more user accounts are available for purchase. So feel free to try it out and enjoy the increased benefits of vital security, in an evermore-insecure world. Best of all, logging into a secure session is just as easy as checking your e-mail. Just because its ultra-secure does not mean that it needs to be hard to use.