What Does it Mean to be a SingleHopper?

Who are we? This is such a simple question, with such a complex answer. Folks here at SingleHop each describe our environment in different ways, but trends emerge when you listen for a while. Here are some of the trends that I have recognized since joining the team.

We are incredibly open, which like everything else in life, has its ups and downs. Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and opinions and they do so in many ways – there is chatter in the hallway, clicking of keys into IMs, posts to the various sites, blog posts, emails, and of course traditional conversation. A couple of the major pros are that everyone has a voice and we very quickly and easily share and develop ideas. One of the cons is that not every idea is a great idea or an idea that makes sense for our business, and this can lead to disappointment or discontent. I think the important thing to recognize is that we have this openness and exchange of ideas and feedback at all. There are a lot of places that do not allow for feedback, criticism, or idea sharing. We attract folks who are interested in and excited about an open environment, this is critical for us to continue to foster and encourage.

Our pace is extremely fast and we are constantly evaluating and assessing progress against goals. We offer a really dynamic environment, by the very nature of what we do and how we choose to do it. This means that we learn on a regular basis, this is both exciting and humbling. Humility is not typically the number one attribute of subject matter experts, but we very specifically seek this quality out when we are searching for talent. We require humility, because we are better as a team – with perspectives from different industries, areas of knowledge, and general personality differences.

There is a level of mindfulness, respect, and responsibility that most (if not all) people at SingleHop possess. We expect people to be good and honest and thoughtful – across the board. When examining an organization’s culture, I think it is critical to dig deep and resist the urge to define it based upon one specific viewpoint. Here at SingleHop, we are lucky to have a varied blend of talents and these folks work at all hours (literally) and in many locations. It is sometimes easy to forget the hundred other teammates and what their experiences are on a daily basis. We all have good days and bad days, and we rally around each other in both cases. The number of congratulatory emails that are sent company-wide is impressive, yet we know that we can always do this more. We can and should also do better to lift folks up who are having hard days; we are all in this together – whether or not we are physically in the same place or working the same hours.

We work every day to be fair and offer opportunities for fun at work – this is not a perfect science, but we work every day to get better at it. Fun is not easily defined, so we try different things - snacks, lunch, beer/soda cart, sales contests, bags on the roof, outings to Top Golf, dodge ball, ping-pong tournaments, bean bags, music/funny internet videos in the background of everyday work. We celebrate the holidays and take pride in helping out the community; the number of really excited and engaged staff during our holiday shopping, toy drive, and food drive is inspiring.

Sometimes these “soft” things can be taken for granted, but I whole-heartedly believe that our strength as an organization is derived from these qualities and practices. We continually strive to keep the conversation alive and our leadership team encourages everyone to keep these topics front of mind. Cheers and Happy Holidays to all!